Clayton Danvers

Name: Clayton Danvers

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Fandom: Women of the Otherworld



Quick Biography

Bitten as a child, is seen as more wolf than human. He was found as a six or seven year old in New Orleans, living off rats and the occasional child. Is Jeremy's foster-son-turned bodyguard, and the werewolf who bit Elena. He is also Elena's ex-lover and is still in love with her. He considers himself married, though Elena thinks otherwise.


Drop dead gorgeous. Neatly groomed, blond hair, often compared to looking like a Greek god, though he's not very conscious of his own beauty and utterly lacking in modesty. This means that he ends up naked a lot. However, it also means that if you try to make a move on him he is more likely to twist your hand off than take it as a compliment. Fair warning.


Blessed with genius intelligence but with all the charm of a "pit Viper". Also an anthropologist (which is how he and Elena initially met). Naturally wary to an almost absurd extent and skeptical, logical almost to a fault and extremely stubborn.
In the Women of the Otherworld series, werewolves transform into full wolves in an agonizing transmogrification. Unlike many modern horror fiction stories, in this series werewolves are not sensitive to silver, nor are they immortal. Although transformations have to occur regularly, Armstrong's werewolves can turn into wolves at any phase of the moon, and Pack members can shape-shift at will. While in human form, werewolves have wolf-like characteristics, such as greater strength, better hearing, and a keener sense of smell.

RP Canon

He had crazysex with Anita Blake, somehow.

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