Character Organizations

Character Organizations

Some characters chose to group together with other denizens of the Mansion in formal or informal organizations. Here they are, listed alphabetically. Characters are also listed alphabetically.

Death and the Maiden

A rock band which plays in the Basement Bar. Their genre is a strange mix of hard rock and house, with classical influences.
Known Members

The Guardians

A group of powerful individuals dedicated to protecting the Mansion from Morgoth's magical attacks. Jaenelle Angelline originally recruited Merlin and Galadriel to form a triumvirate of protectors, but the organization grew after Jaenelle disappeared in the 26.12.12 quake.
Known Members

Feanor is an unofficial member of the guardian and is working on properly arming an armed contingent which he recruited after the quake in preparation for a potential invasion. Its members are Caliban Leandros, Canton Everett Delawere III, Lou McCloud, Will Treaty, pretty much every Finwean about, and, through an alliance secured by TJ Gurney, the Wolf Pack (see below).

The Open University

Originally created by Paul (The Historian), Kazutaka Muraki and Zillah Katz, the Open University was intended to make accessible college-level education to Mansion residents. The necessity to adapt to the population's needs has turned it to a multi-level educational institution, with courses ranging from primary school to college.
Known Members (as of 2013)

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Primary school Remedial classes Adult Continuing Ed. High School Level

The Resistance

The resistance movement was created by Johnny Rockfort in response to The Warden's desire to create a second Super Jail (see below). They meet in secret at night, in the basement bar, and coordinate their efforts, which for now mostly involve political activism against the project.
Known Members

The Shadow Angels

An organisation dedicated to patrolling the Mansion's halls, performing some sort of vigilante or security action, which function much like a detective agency. Some members are more active than others.
Known Members
The list is non exhaustive, but includes:


The Warden apparently got bored? And decided to create a new Super Jail, for the purpose of, well, playing with inmates. That's going down as well as can be expected. He's still getting some support, though.
Known Members

The Theater Troupe

A group of dedicated individuals who get together to put up a play, written once a year by Cyrano de Bergerac.
Known Members

The Wolf Pack

To put it simply, the werewolves at the Mansion have constituted themselves in a little family, for protection and morale. They are going by a structure, and follow specific roles.

Known Members

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