Character-Built Locations

Character-Built Locations

Some characters chose to live or work outside the Mansion, in buildings either refurbished from ruin, or built from scratch with the aide of friends.

Celebrimbor's Forge

The forge is a small building in the woods near the Mansion, discovered and rebuilt by Celebrimbor as a place to indulge his passion for smithing. It's a small building containing little more than the supplies and necessities for his work, a few things he keeps around just in case he needs to stay there overnights, and a cot. Celebrimbor is very protective and possessive of his little building, few are welcome there besides his close family and his girlfriend, Lydia Pandora.

St. Just House


A few years ago, Armand St. Just had a house built on the very edge of the grounds, surrounded by woods. It was intended to be the residence for himself, his spouse Christopher Wren, Lady Karla of Glacia, Karla's cousin Lord Morton, and Armand and Chris's son Etienne, so it's a very big house. Their kitchen has a mini-plothole. However this house recently dropped out of existence.

Merlin's Hut


Merlin wasn't comfortable with all those people around. He went off and made himself a nice little hut in which to pretend the world didn't exist, though his hut is in walking distance of Ilmarinen's farm, and close enough to keep an eye on the Orkney cottage. The old geezer has his contradictions.
Then people started visiting, and one Feanorian-bait got expelled from the Mansion, so he made a little more room for him out of the goodness of his heart. However, Daeron has since moved out and braved the Feanorians, in order to live with Delilah.
He later acquired another housemate, who, for time, was quite fond of the Merlin and also very grateful, but who eventually disappeared. Adaon's empty room was however soon taken over by Asato, who has been Merlin's stable and trusted housemate ever since.
He grumbles, sometimes, as he cleans the area around his hut, but he really doesn't mind having housemates all that much, in reality. He might even miss them, should they leave.

Mushroom Cottage


It popped out of nowhere, for no good reason other than convenience and strangeness. Perhaps it was there all along, perhaps it was not. Only the raccoons know, and they're not telling.
Ah, this place may look idyllic, but beware those who come treading unbidden by the Mushroom cottage. For a time, Steerpike and Melisande Shahrizai, murderers and schemers extraordinaire have made their homes here, though it has since been abandoned. For a time, it was possible that Tristan and Isolde would move in, along with Iskierka. Since, both have disappeared or died, and in the wake of the 21.12.12. quake, the cottage has been re-invested by Muraki, Phedre and Icarus.

Feanor's Forge

It took forever to build but finally existed. By some unexplained miracle, it sustained the recent attacks on the fabric of the gameworld. It currently houses Feanor and Ambarussa. Much hammering can be heard on the outside, but what goes on inside is harder to tell.

Galadriel's Greenhouse


Under the elven arches, soaring elegantly in the autumn sky, there is faint light which cannot be quelled nor darkened. It is the light of the Elessar, the magic left in the jewels and the magic contained in the place itself, combined with the craft of the Noldor.

Clean, orderly beds of greens grow in what seems messy to the untrained eye, what is sensible to the attentive onlookers. A small and intricate fountain sings, while the soothing undertones of mint and basil fill the air.

There, often, sits an elven lady, in quiet contemplation, seeking her own calm, shrouded in mystery. Perhaps she is waiting for someone, but she might also be in unearthly conversation.

The place is large enough for peace and silence to remain, even if there are visitors, and yet it is intimate enough to allow confidences, if they are to come forth.

The greenhouse is not invisible, it just is hard to find or to enter for those who are ill-intentioned.

Parsifal's Chapel


In construction - it's in fact build on the half-built chapel by Parsifal's predecessor at The Other Game. Several are helping with the construction, including Valen, Adaon, Tristan, and musical!Armand St-Just, with Delilah Rose Johnson helping in the search for cedars to shingle the outside. Angelique Hubert, whose wedding to Robb Stark took place in the chapel, sowed the vestments and altar linens for it.

Caranthir and Faraday's Secret Home


Hidden in foliage and overlooking a clearing, Caranthir and Faraday made their home above ground, in a bid to stay safe from evilpuppies. Their home is not very far from Celebrimbor's forge, with only Cele and Ambarussa knowing the exactly location of their secret escape. However, most Feanorians (1st, 2nd or 3rd generation) could probably locate it if they tried. Since his mate died in the quake, Caranthir claims not to want visitors, but we all know that he is a big drama queen.

The Stone Table


A large flat stone about the size of a small room, half sunk into the ground in the middle of a clearing in the woods, at some distance from the Mansion. Muraki uses this as a spot to perform his ritual workings, and thus there's beginning to be a rather creepy aura about it.

The abandoned farm

This farm was in fact present in The Other Game, and only those who have IC knowledge of it can find it (namely Guinevere and Tristan, and maybe others this typist doesn't know about). It's probably quite derelict by now. It was initially built by the Other Percival and Cimorene in the Other Mansion.

The abandoned cottage

This cottage was in fact present in The Other Game, and only those who have IC knowledge of it can find it (namely, Guinevere, Isolde, Anita Blake and a few others we might not know about). It's probably quite derelict by now. It was initially built by the Other Sir Gawain (in the Other Game) and known as the Orkney cottage.

Neville's greenhouse


Almost immediately after arriving at the Mansion, Neville Longbottom began constructing himself a greenhouse. Like the tents at the Quidditch World Cup, the inside of the greenhouse is larger than the outside appears. It's full of a variety plants, and has wards around it for protection. Inside, there's also a private workroom, but only a few know that it exists, namely Neville and Zhane. The greenhouse is located not far behind the Mansion, and had to be rebuilt after the 21.12.12 quake.

The Dragon Pavillion


It was built by Bobby Ray and Hisoka for the great red dragon Iskierka, but sadly, she died in the 21.12.12 quake, never to return, and Hisoka disappeared shortly thereafter. Bobby Ray was left to mourn on all losses, and was comforted by Falkor. The dragon was offered the pavillion, and initially refused it, even thinking to offer it to Temeraire, but Bobby Ray insisted, and so Falkor was given a space of his own. Though he would insist he does not need it, it is more spacious and comfortable than the attic. The old dragon still haunts it on occasion, for the pleasure of company, though he finds it quite crowded indeed..

The Dojo


Nearby the woods, stands a dojo with both modern and traditional architecture, built by a rag-tag team of mansion builders. It is the home of Genkai, although it also served as a shelter during 21.12.12 earthquake. While the residential side is mostly for the old master, the training side is open to nearly all comers willing to practice their skills, provided they approach her to ask and don't wreck up the place too much.

The Goatshed


A shed enclosed by a high wire mesh fence (since goats, they love to climb and jump over things…), home of Mal Reynolds's herd of six goats (two billies, one grouchy one named Grumper, one goofy one named Goober, and four nannies named Nani, Neenee, Noni and That Other One — Mal got tired of coming up names!) which he coaxed out of the hills, then convincedthem that living in a nice, warm house was preferable to the wild. The herd had been augmented by four kids, but when the roof of the shed collapsed during the 12.21.12 earthquake, one kid and one nanny (possibly That Other One) were killed and ended up as goat stew to feed the hungry Mansion refugees.

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