Name: Warlord Prince Chaosti

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-to-late twenties

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop



Quick Biography

Chaosti is Warlord Prince of the Dea al Mon, the Children of the Wood. He is the Consort of and married to Gabrielle, Queen of the Dea al Mon, and serves in the first circle of Jaenelle's Dark Court at Ebon Askavi. He considers Jaenelle his Cousin because "Grandmammy Teele," Matriarch of his and Gabrielle's clan, adopted her. He is also Surreal's cousin through her mother, Titian. He was among the young Blood who decended upon SaDiablo Hall when Jaenelle began to reach out to her friends again after the events at Cassandra's Altar and never left. He is especially close friends with Warlord Khardeen (Khary) and Warlord Prince Aaron, Saetan SaDiablo has noticed that the three create a triangle of power almost as strong and just as deadly as that formed by Jaenelle, Karla and Gabrielle. He wears Birthright Green Jewels descended to Grey.

Physical Abilities

An excellent fighter, particularly trained with Eyrien war sticks.

Superhuman Abilities

Craft: magical abilities possessed by all Blood, enhanced by his Jewels. (examples would continue)

Unusual or Magical Possessions
  • His Birthright Jewel: Green
  • His Jewel of Rank: Grey
  • Weapons: Eyrien war stick (etc)


Slim and sinewy, like all his race, with long and unbound silver hair and large, forest-blue eyes.


Chaosti is inherently snarly and dangerous because he is a Warlord Prince, he's got a hairtrigger temper at times. He also has a bit of a superiority complex regarding anyone who isn't Dea al Mon (or a member of the First Circle). He is more relaxed with the Circle. He is also has a quieter and more observing nature than some other members of the Court. Like maybe Khary.Chaosti He is probably the most dangerous Male in the Court who isn't directly related to Saetan, upon first meeting Saetan had noticed a dangerous aura around him that Jaenelle had to verbally come between them before they rose too close to the killing edge, and firmly remind Chaosti that Saetan was her father by choice. Fortunately in the time since he has come to trust Saetan greatly and time with the circle, marriage and fatherhood has mellowed him somewhat. Somewhat. Temper or not, there is little he wouldn't do for the rest of the Circle and his family.


RP Canon

Entered: Jun. 15th, 2007
He was very upset when he arrived to find that he couldn't get back and that his wife wasn't there, he took his mind off it by being generally snarly at people. He was happy though when his friend Khary showed up. During a crackplot involving magic mistletoe he ended up trapped under it with Daemon Sadi, and to get out from under the mistletoe, they had to kiss. He found the experience of dancing with the Sadist a little traumatizing and avoided the other Warlord Prince for a while. Eventually his nearly four month pregnant wife showed up, making for one very happy Warlord Prince. Aaron has since turned up as well and the gang's all here. Gabrielle gave birth to a healthy little Warlord Prince named Aiden in the middle of winter, Chaosti adores his son. He and Gabrielle have kept mostly to themselves since their son was born, in hopes of keeping him safe form the mansion's sometimes dangerous unpredictability.

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