Name: Tyelkormo Turcafinwë, Tyelko or Turco for short, Celegorm in Sindarin

Gender: Male.

Age: About 14,000. Ish. Though he spent most of those dead.

Fandom: Silmarillion



Quick Biography

Tyelkormo is yet another son of Fëanor and Nerdanel. He is the third oldest, but perhaps the daftest. Like his brothers, he took the Oath and did a serious amount of Bad Things, many prompted by his younger brother, Curufin. He died messily, as Fëanorians are wont to do.


Tyelkormo is on the tall side of his brothers (meaning he can look Maedhros in the eye without leaning back too far) with, like almost every Elf ever, an athletic build. He has dark hair this time around, because of typist preference, (shut up, okay?) and grey eyes, like most of them Fëanorians.


He's Fëanorian, with all the delightful things that entails - impulsivity, excessive pride, a little bit of crazy, and a certain obsession with those shiny things called the Silmarils. He's not exactly stupid per se, but he is easily misled by others, which leads him to doing stupid things like getting Finrod killed, deciding he wants to be king, etc. He also has a temper that can get him into trouble, and when he dislikes someone any care for their well-being rather goes out the window. But he's not a bad person, really! We swear.


RP Canon

Just reintroduced, and so far lots and lots of awkward, especially with Finrod and Angrod. Oh yes, and then Maglor told him all about how the Silmarils couldn't be touched after all that. That went over really well. Has decided to protect Celebrimbor and been secretly a little disturbed by the fact that he died. And all his brothers, too. Seems to feel guilty over the whole getting Finrod killed thing, oddly. We'll see where that goes. Is currently awkwarding around with his oncepuppything who is exponentially smarter than Celegorm.

The now rather purposeless and at loose ends Tyelko went hunting wolves (for some reason) and got rather chewed on, leading to a lot more awkward with…well, just about everyone. A crackplot got him and Galadriel talking, which DIDN'T HAPPEN dammit, and somehow he managed to…talk sense at the Celenephew. Huan seems to have decided that he needs babysitting, which he probably does.

He continues to pretend that he does not feel any guilty at all ever. That would be silly. And it's his brother's job.

Recent Events have sent him on a major guilt trip and while he's been talking to Angrod to a surprising degree, and Galadriel, he's nonetheless a bit of a mess of guilty. And has no idea of his approaching imminent DOOM. Somehow (?) ended up apologizing to Finrod! Though he's just as confused as what to do about that as anyone else. Including Finrod.

And then that evil guy - what's his name - showed up and killed a bunch of brothers. In probably the first good choice of his life he actually shoved Finrod out of the way so that he ended up being hauled back into the void to socialize with Morgoth. We anticipate putting him back together will be fun.

Well. So. Cleeg came back a bit damaged. A bit here meaning three-quarters dead, suicidal, and halfway crazy. Fortunately Aredhel, Galadriel, and the brothers seem to have dedicated themselves to keeping him (mostly) together. However, in a brief moment of solitude and unfortunately effective Morgoth poking, Cleeg wandered off to the woods and got eated by the wolves. Yay. Which rather made for an unhappy family, as one might imagine.

But. He did come back! Even crazier, but. He's really trying okay? :(

Seems to have acquired friends (much to his confusion) and a fiancee (not so much to his confusion) and word of a child to be makes him very, very happy, even if he's still laid up from his unfortunate run in with Melisande Shahrizai, elf murderer extraordinaire.

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