Name: Celebrimbor Tyelperinquar Curufinwion

Gender: Male

Age: 2766 or so

Fandom: Silmarillion/Extended Tolkienverse

Journal: ringsmith

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Making sense of some Tolkien backstories is not unlike attempting to untangle the Endless Knot. Celebrimbor's is one of those, and thus will not be so 'brief' as I attempt to hammer out something that makes sense. Some of it I'm making up to fill in the gaps. Probably subject to change.
Celebrimbor was born in in Valinor, to Curufin and his unnamed Noldorin wife, the only grandson of Feanor (that we ever hear about). He was barely fifty years old when the Noldor left of Middle Earth, old enough to chose to follow his father rather than remain behind with his mother (though he was more like her in temperment), but young enough that he did not take part in the Kinslaying of Alqualonde or the swearing of the Oath.

In Middle Earth, he stayed with his father's host honing his skill in making shiny things until the Dagor Bragollach, after which he, his dad, and his uncle Celegorm all moved in with cousin Finrod at the Nargothrond, where he and Finrod became very good friends. When word got out that Finrod had died in torment in the dungeons of Sauron on the Quest of the Silmaril, he renounced his father and remained in the Nargothrond after his father and uncle were cast out in exile. Following the sack of the Nargothrond Celebrimbor fled to the Havens at Sirion, and he soon after followed Galadriel and Celeborn to Eregion.

At some point after that they moved to Lorien and he ended up Lord of Eregion and the greatest of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, a guild of Elven smiths. There he established good relations with the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm, and became close friends with the Dwarf Narvi. Together they crafted the great Doors of Durin that sealed the west gate. There also Sauron disguised as Annatar, a presumed messenger of the Valar and Maia of Aule, seduced Celebrimbor to his will and together they crafted sixteen Rings of Power, the Nine and the Seven. Celebrimbor crafted the Three alone without Annatar's knowledge, Vilya Narya and Nenya. Sauron in secret crafted the One Ring, and when he placed it on his hand Celebrimbor immediately realized who he really was and what he'd done (because…look, he just did, okay?), and hid the Three from him. Nenya he gave to Galadriel, whom he loved (yeah, him and everybody else, yeah, she's his some degree of half cousin), and Vilya and Narya he sent to Gil-Galad, where they eventually came into the hands of Elrond and Gandalf via Cirdan. Sauron attacked Eregion and though Celebrimbor made a valiant last stand on the steps before the great door of the house of the Gwaith-i-Mírdain, he was taken captive. The great house was looted and the Nine taken, the locations of the Seven were tortured out of Celebrimbor at great length and so they too were taken, but he never gave up where the Three had been hidden. Eventually Sauron got tired of screwing around with him so he flayed him, tacked his arrow-pierced body to a pike and used it as a banner as he rode into battle against the forces of Lord Elrond, come too late to reinforce Eregion.

And thus died Celebrimbor, greatest craftsman of the Noldor since Fëanáro himself, last of that line in Middle Earth but for Maglor the wanderer.


On the tall side, with dark hair, fair skin and grey eyes. In other words, thoroughly Noldorin. Attractive in the way that all Elves are, though he doesn't particularly stand out in anything except his resemblence to his father and therefore grandfather.


Celebrimbor is said to have had more his mother's temperment than his father's, but that certainly does not mean that he's bypassed the Feanorian crazy and Pride. He wanted to become as good a smith as his grandfather, perhaps even better, because Feanor is definitely the kind of guy you want to devote your entire immortal life to emulating. It was this pide and determination that led to his falling for Sauron's lies and seduction (make of that what you will, we certainly are, wink wink nudge nudge), though perhaps it was his mother's influence that allowed him to backpedal, admit his mistake and attempt to thwart Sauron's plans. He was about as successful as the rest of his family was at everything they tried, though Sauron never did get his hands on the Three. Now, well, prolonged torture by someone you <span style="text-decoration: line-through;">slept with</span> liked and trusted will do things to a person and Celebrimbor…hasn't exactly taken it well. He's pretty much scarred for life, the afterlife, and the rest of eternity.
Saying he's "a bit cracked" is rather like saying that when Feanaro discovered his father's murder and the theft of the Silmarils he was "a little miffed."


RP Canon

Entered: Jul. 22nd, 2008
Against all expectations, his mental state has actually improved quite a bit since becoming friends with Lydia Pandora, and he can now be considered downright sane. Having things to work on also helps, and he's refurbished an old forge he found in the woods and is now back to his favorite thing: the serious business of making shiny things. He's also very much in love with Lydia, and she with him, and that's done good things for both of them.

He's been glad to find many of his uncles again, and has made peace with his uncle Celegorm with whom he had been at odds since Nargothrond. Elrond arrived for a time, and much drama happened when Caranthir was manipulated by Melisande Shahrizai into attacking and killing him to take control of Vilya, one of the Rings of Power forged by Celebrimbor in the Second Age. She was killed and the ring retrieved, and Cele also proved that he had the family crazygene. This caused a rift for a time within the family, and though Elrond eventually returned, he soon after disappeared again. Eventually his father arrived, and the first time they met it was proved that the rift between the two is as deep as ever and things quickly devolved into the sort of towering argument that that can only occur between two Feanorians. Even after Celebrimbor was briefly taken and tortured by Morgoth things did not go smoothly between them. He was greatly conflicted after Curufin was slain in revenge by Elured, feeling too numb to know if he really mourned his father. When Curufin returned, the two promptly found themselves in another argument.

Feanor's appearance was more welcomed, because Celebrimbor was able for the first time to show his legendary grandfather his own not inconsiderable skills as a smith, and he will always treasure Feanor's pride and approval of his craft.

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