Name: Celebrían

Gender: Female

Age: around 5,500 years

Fandom: Tolkienverse, mostly the LotR backstory



Quick Biography

Born to Galadriel and Celeborn near Lake Nenuial (Evendim north of the Shire) around S.A. 400. Later she went to Eregion with her parents, lived there for a while, but when tensions rose between Galadriel and the Mírdain, they removed to Lórinand/Lothlórien by way of Moria around S.A. 1350. She presumably remained with them while they acted as keepers of Lothlórien until T.A. 109 when she married her distant kinsman Elrond Peredhil of Rivendell, though they had first met in S.A. 1701 on a visit to Imladris. She gave birth to the twins Elladan and Elrohir in T.A. 130, and her daughter Arwen Undómiel was born in T.A. 241, and later chose mortality in order to stay with Aragorn.

She seems to have been dividing her time between Rivendell and Lothlórien, especially as Arwen seems to have spent substantial amounts of time in her grandmother's realm. However, Celebrían was ambushed by Orcs when she crossed the Misty Mountains in T.A. 2509, resulting in capture, torment, and a poisoned wound in what perhaps was intended as a strike against Elrond (Sauron was in the process of regaining power as Lord of Dol Guldur and his creatures had been multiplying for thirty years prior to this event). Her sons rescued her, but she decided to pass over the sea to Valinor to find healing in the West in spite of her husband's attempts a year later.

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Tall, with blue eyes and silver-blonde hair that inspired her name, and resembling her mother more than her father. Her ancestors belong to all three peoples of the Eldar, she inherited Vanyarin (Indis) and Noldorin (Finwe) blood from her mother, and Telerin from both her mother (whose mother was Eärwen of Alqualonde, daughter of Olwe), and her father (who was a kinsman of Thingol and his brother Olwe, either as the grandson of their third brother Elmo, or as the grandson of Olwe by one of his sons), and shares characteristics of all three peoples.


Quiet, but free-spirited and strong-willed like her mother, if a little less wise. She is for the most part cheerful, but has learned both to love deeply and to let go, and not to anchor herself too closely to any place, instead requiring freedom to move and make her own decisions. With her father's example (who often deferred to his wife) in mind, she tried to secure herself a place alongside her husband and worked hard to maintain it, in particular to avoid repeating her parents' somewhat strained relationship. Her links to all noble Eldarin houses may make her appear her proud, if not to say haughty at times, but not more so than the rest of her (extended) family. The basic Finwean characteristics are all present, if somewhat more diluted in other family members.


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