Cassandra Of Troy

Name: Cassandra of Troy

Gender: Female

Age: 29-ish at death

Fandom: Greek Mythology

Journal: apolloscurse

Typist: Lise

Quick Biography

Cassandra sufferes from severe anxiety attacks as a result of her past. To start, she became object of Apollo's lust. He offered her the gift of prophesy in exchange for sex, and when she refused him, he cursed her that she would see the future, but no one would believe her. Then, after ten years of war, her city was betrayed by her twin brother Helenus to whom she was very close. in the sacking of Troy, she was raped, then given as spoils of war to Agamemnon, High King of Mycenae. Eventually, she bore him twins. Finally, she was murdered by Agamemnon's jealous wife Clytemnestra and her lover. In DF terms, she knows she's been dead for centuries and doesn't quite understand why she's come back, but she's decided to accept it - especially as her recent death and rebirth have seemingly deprived her of her 'gift' of prophecy. She doesn't mind.


Pretty enough - looks younger than she is because of her god touch, but older in the eyes. Startlingly red hair and freckled skin - stands out like a weed among most Greeks because of it. Eyes halfway between grey and hazel. Tallish, slender.


Shy, reserved, nervous.

RP Canon

Cassandra was initially very shy and frightened of basically everyone. However, it is impossible not to love the White Queen and from there she befriended Mina Harker and Esmeralda. She adopted Molly Seagrim's baby and remembered her rape, courtesy of Nancy Drew's book of Greek myths. This was Not Good. She was basically a wreck for a long while, but snuggling with Mina Harker helped, a little. She maybe kind of sort of likes Clytemnestra, but she'd never admit it. However, most recently, she has fallen very quickly in love with one Rupert of Hentzau. We expect this will not end well.

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