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Even roleplays have their tropes. However, Tropes Are Not Bad, and so we thought we'd have a little bit of Fun with some Carpe Tropes.


General Game

  • Applied Phlebotinum
    • Applied very generously pretty much everywhere, with regards to explaining the Mansion's effect on death, the plothole, the mantion rebuilding itself, the wacky time thingie (see below).
  • Anyone Can Die
  • Brought Down to Normal:
    • Not EXACTLY true, but the Mansion does tend to hamper magic, make technology inoperative, and make things fizzle out on characters.
  • Celebrity Paradox:
    • Averted in that recognition is allowed at the player's discretion, but fourth-walling is not.
  • Last Bastion
    • <pashchan I love it when Carpe is active as hell…
    • <pashchan> IT'S COOL.
    • <MatrixRefugee> It's rather exciting! It's like… every time I refresh the f-list, there's a new post!
    • <pashchan> *Sometimes think we are the last active RP game in LJ*
    • <Louisa> hee XD
    • <pashchan> SO WE ARE SPECIAL.
    • <@Wil> LJRP
    • <@Wil> …. well, that was anticlimactic
    • <pashchan> AGREED.
    • <MatrixRefugee> THIS!
    • <pashchan> We're like the captains on a slowly sinking boat.
    • <@Wil> *salutes!*
    • <pashchan> Our pups are the band. :|
  • Loads And Loads of Characters:
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor:
    • Obviously. Some of us play jerks and a-holes, but we're all nice people. Seriously.
  • NPC:
  • Play By Post Game:
  • STD Immunity:
    • Subverted in that it happens only if canon for the character. There are doctors in the house who actually worry about this, and senior characters who promote condoms to the younger ones.
  • Summon Everyman Hero:
    • We have this going on, with characters in play ranging from gods, to ordinary kids.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Generally avoided by players who invite a friend to play a third party, so they'll avoid headcest.
  • The Wiki Rule: DUH.

The Location

  • Arcadia
    • True to a certain degree - though the quiet life in the country tends to get troubled, when the Big Bad sets his mind to it.
  • The Bermuda Triangle
    • Because that's how several Mansioners got here. Many characters have tried to understand their physical location. This is made worse by the fact that some died and other did not, and some are fictional to others. The only logical conclusion is that this is a Fantasy Kitchen Sink located in a Void Between the Worlds.
  • Bedlam House
    • Whenever there's a crackplot. The Mansion is also this to most puppets when they first arrive. Might also be said of the typist, and of chat, on a busy night.
  • Big Fancy House
  • Closed Circle:
    • Just don't try to leave, not gonna happen. Unless your typist drops you.
  • Hidden Elf Village
    • Not exactly a village, but there are Elven buildings (a treehouse, two forges and a greenhouse) which are on the grounds, but hidden, and difficult to find for the uninitiated.
  • The Lost Woods
  • Narnia Time
    • Is often used to reassure puppets that they haven't been messed up with time and created a Temporal Paradox or are headed towards a Time Crash. But just in general, we eventually all come to accept that we're dealing with a TimeyWimeyBall, though some craftier folk do manage to Trick Out Time, or think they do, and are likely experiencing Mind Screw.
  • This Isn't Heaven
  • Translator Microbes:
    • Damn right. The Mansion is a universal translator, with some exceptions. See FAQ.

The People

The Events

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