Carol Peletier

Name: Carol Peletier

Gender: Female

Age: Young fourties

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Journal: eight_livesleft

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Carol was a home-maker in Atlanta, GA, where she lived with her husband Ed and their daughter Sophia until the apocalypse struck. They somehow managed to escape the city before it was overrun and joined a band of survivors led by Shane. Carol's husband Ed dies early in the post-apocalypse, which is a good thing, what with him being a wife-beater and a potentially incestuous father to Sophia. What's less nice is that Sophia is lost eventually too, only to be found again, much later, as a walker. It's her disappearance that fuels the deep friendship (and possibly more?) that links Carol to Daryl Dixon. As a member of the group of survivors, up to the destruction of the Greene farm, Carol's contribution was essentially confined to female traditional chores such as doing the laundry and cooking. She had a good relationship with most of those in the camp, though she agreed with Dale that Shane was dangerous. She also has some good gut instinct, as shown when she warns Daryl that they should walk away from Rick's autocracy - from that point on, she joins the group as one of the fighters, and is seen doing a good job both of stabbing and shooting walkers when the group takes over the prison.

Physical Abilities

She's a sure shot and a good brawler, at this point, she counts as badass normal. She's also honed survival skills over the past year.

Superhuman Abilities

None, besides surviving grief and zombies, which is standard if you survive in TWD.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Carol is medium-sized, her body is toned and athletic due to the hardships of the crapsack world from where she comes. Her greyish hair is cropped extremely short, almost to a shave. She has brown eyes that are often serious or melancholy, and a thin mouth that rarely smiles.


Carol Peletier is a generally soft-spoken, meek person, though her past few years on the road surviving a zombie apocalypse, along with being the last survivor of her family have hardened her personality. She now kills (zombies) without flinching, does what she has to do without being disgusted, and has a generally high tolerance to gore. She retains, however, extremely high standards of behavior for herself and is much warmer than she appears.


RP Canon

Highlights of her time at the Mansion prior to Sophia's arrival include:

  • nearly stabbing Stiles Stilinski on arrival;
  • taking Dancy to see a shrink;
  • arguing with Fuchsia about the existence of luckdragons;
  • getting off on the wrong foot with TJ and henceforth distrusting him;
  • getting involved with the Open University as a remedial class instructor and primary school teacher.

Since Sophia arrived, a lot of rejoicing and some drama was had, particularly with regards to Carol's friendship with Boyle, which is, we must admit, rather unconventional given who the both of them are.

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