Name: Carnistir Morifinwë, or Caranthir.

Gender: Male

Age: Over 650 years old at the time of death.

Fandom: The Silmarillion

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Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

As the other Sons of Fëanor, Caranthir was bound by an oath to recover his father's Silmarils, which had been stolen by the Dark Lord Morgoth. This oath took the seven brothers to Middle-earth during the First Age, where they established realms in exile, waged war against the armies of Morgoth, fought their own Elvish kind, and eventually brought ruin upon themselves.
Caranthir's realm was in Thargelion, and was sometimes called Dor Caranthir ("Caranthir's Land"). His abode was on the shores of Lake Helevorn.
In First Age c. 420, Caranthir rescued Haleth and her people, the Haladin, as they were besieged by Orcs. When he saw the valor of Men, he offered the Haladin a fiefdom in his lands to the North. However Haleth, wanting her people to serve no lord, thanked him but removed to the Forest of Brethil.
In 463, the Easterling Ulfang led his people over the Blue Mountains and swore allegiance to Maedhros. They were given land in Lothlann and became subjects of Caranthir.
In 472, the disaster of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad ("Battle of Unnumbered Tears") occurred, caused by the betrayal of the people of Ulfang. Caranthir lost his realm and was forced to retreat to Mount Dolmed with his surviving brothers.
In 505, he perished along with his brothers Celegorm and Curufin during the Second Kinslaying, the attack by the Sons of Fëanor on Menegroth to recover a Silmaril from King Dior Eluchíl of Doriath.
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Feanoreans have dark hair and are pretty. There. His PB is Henry Cavill. Yummy. Since he died at the hand of Morgoth in an inconvenient encounter with Grond, he bears a deeply creased star-shaped scar on his left cheek. After Paulinka Erdnuss, then a cat, managed to claw at him, his face is also streaked with cat claws, and his right eye was under an eyepatch for a while, but that's over now.


Caranthir, the fifth of the Sons of Fëanor, was also the harshest and the quickest to anger. He was known as "Caranthir the Dark".
He's harsh on others and on himself (he does his own stitches, without anesthesia), but he also loves his family dearly - it's quite possible that he got caught into the Oath out of familial loyalty more than anything else. He has greed too, and it translates into practicality, something close enough to sanity in the grander scheme of things.
Having been pulled into the Mansion before the second Kinslaying, he has less guilt issues than his brothers - and having actually something very useful called an outlet (rage does need to get out), he's much less repressed than his other brothers. That doesn't mean he doesn't have a huge lust for battle and blood. On the contrary - hence the thoughtless kinslaying.
So, despite his huge temper, he might actually be SANE. We're surprised.


RP Canon

2013 update

Caranthir - lost his mum, two brothers and his girlfriend in the quake. Kind of dangerous at the moment. He went on a crazysauce rampage at some point that ended in him getting a broken arm.

A bit more stable now, he's been bullied by Galadriel into sheltering Michelle Benjamin. This may lead to him moving back to the Mansion as his discomfort increases.

At Ye Olde Mansion

Now fully reset, he's pretty much pissed off a lot of people with his temper. He's gotten reacquainted with Angrod, who annoys him to no ends, been weirded out by Telvo and pissed off Pityo (baby brothers Ambarussa) - but then it was a happy reunion, been supremely weirded out by big brother Maedhros's ghost hand, got in a tangle with big brother Celegorm, yelled at Fingon, insulted Argon, and had an almost civil conversation with Lucivar Yaslana.
He also got himself crackplotted by Dream into realizing he was a monster, and having a I'M MORE HORRIBLE THAN YOU contest with Celegorm.
Then Morgoth happened and he got his face whacked by Grond, and died. He came back after a week, waking up in the dark room where he and his little brother's dead bodies were kept, to be harassed by Fingon and helped out by Lucivar and Jaenelle.
Learning of his little brother's death, he sort of flailed, (mostly at Faraday and Angrod) so he was going to be a good brother and take care of Tyelko and Ambarussa, but then Angrod told him about Fingon's doings (he's really the only person to tell him stuff, seriously), and he got PISSED, and went to beat the High King up. The fight was broken up by Maedhros, and Cara flailed at Angy and Lucivar (again).
And now he's pissed, and still hurting because Mr. Harsh does not take painkillers, and generally more pissed off than usual, re: annoying cousin who said bad things about his brother. And he still hates Angy, yes he does. >.>

In between things

No longer hurting thanks to Jaenelle, and very disturbed by the information that his Most Despised Cousin (Galadriel) is in agreement with him about something. He's also having painfully awkward conversations with Mercedes Thompson,wondering where Angrod went, and trying to keep Lucivar under some kind of control - ironically.

Temporarily in charge

As Mae and Maglor seem to have gone on vacation, Curufin still absent and Cleeg officially crazy, Cara is now the oldest son of Faenor around, and sort of in charge by default. Responsibility has the interesting effects, as follows: 1) he seems to be able to agree with Fingon on some things, 2) he takes care of brothers, 3) he manages to keep his temper in check. He also went with *gasp* Galadriel and Lucivar to kill some wolves after they ate his brother, and is getting along alarmingly well with Melisande Shahrizai and less concerningly so with Faraday. Heh. He does have a fondness for Edain girls, after all.

Melisande shines

There was a massive fail where Melisande met Celebrimbor, wanted some shiny, talked Cara into offing Elrond for the sake of Vilya, then killed Caranthir herself. He died in the arms of Celegorm under the angry rants of Cele, came back eventually, and punished Melisande extensively and nastily. There is no love lost between him and Melisande. He's also disturbed by the fact that he's having monologues with deers.

Daeron's demise

After much awkwarding around each other, he and Faraday are together, much to everyone's concern, understandingly. Caranthir has been having a longstanding hate-fest with Daeron. He succeeded in not killing him once or twice, eventually Celegorm killed the annoying bad. Alas, this wasn't enough - more Daeron-wank ended up in Cara decapitating him… in the middle of his date with Paulinka Erdnuss. Paulinka thus has decided that he is a fascist and hates him. Yay. After she was crackplotted into being a cat, he fell and she took the opportunity, his right eye got (temporarily?) destroyed. So now he's somewhat in hiding, because he doesn't need anyone, of course not. Go Faenorians.


There was a fire wherein most of the Finwean wing went up in flames. Caranthir rescued Maeglin, broke some bones. One of the Ambarussa died and Lucivar helped while Jaenelle told Caranthir not to go. This was taken amiss - Caranthir eventually made up with Jaenelle but he and Lucivar are no longer on talking terms. This was later complicated by the arrival of Armand St-Just, who claims to have been adopted by Feanor rubbed Caranthir more than the wrong way.

At the New Mansion (2010)

When his brother Curufinwe showed up, Caranthir realized that serious trouble was afoot. In an attempt to contain it, he and Celegorm locked Curufin for a while. This only led to further problems when the brother decided to come out, eventually leaving Caranthir with a broken arm. In parallel to this, Caranthir has been developing a strange friendship with his not!nephew Maeglin, and he was the one to get him out.

Caranthir spent quite a bit of time avoiding Maglor and Maedhros when they "returned" - considering what had happened with Elrond. After finally dropping the bomb on Mae, much drama was had. Since there, Caranthir has been living a reclusive life, building a secret hideout for Faraday and himself, not too far from Celebrimbor's forge.

More recent interactions include (in more or less chronological order):

  • Was at least partially convinced of visiting the Mansion by Armand Saint-Just and Lucivar Yaslana. Had been having secret meetings with Maeglin, and remains his (positive) father figure.
  • Returned to the Mansion and was dutifully glomped by Nerdanel, Ambarussa and Celegorm, a little less so by Curufin. The same day, he broke Fingon's face in a fit of (justifiably provoked) rage.
  • Has yet to follow up on the situation with Elrond;
  • Still very in love with Faraday, with whom he may resume sharing the treehouse when winter is over;
  • Successfully avoided Feanor for months, but finally saw him (and was irreverent) at Halloween;
  • Discussed firearms with Mal Reynolds.
  • Resumed his friendship with Medraut.
  • Met Riku Miyagusuku but still doesn't know what he thinks of him.
  • Has found a friend and sparring partner in Stark.
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