Canton III

Name: Canton Everett Delaware III

Gender: Male

Age: 40s

Fandom: Doctor Who

Journal: welcome2america

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Canton was a well trained, highly competent FBI field agent until he was fired for wanting to get married to the wrong person. A white man wanting to marry a black man in 1969 didn't exactly find a lot of support in the FBI. Six weeks later, as he was in a bar having a drink, Secret Service agents picked him up and brought him to the White House for a private consultation with President Nixon, who was looking for someone with FBI training without official affiliation to them. He was evidently the President's second choice for the position, but didn't mind because Nixon was his second choice for President.

The President wanted his assistance with strange phone calls he was receiving from a young child begging for someone to save her from “the spaceman,” but in the middle of the conversation they realized that they were being observed by a funny little man in a bow tie. When the man attempted to flee Canton subdued him and held him until the Secret Service arrived to help, though they were all taken by surprise when a large blue box containing three other people appeared in the middle of the Oval Office. Realizing how handily the Doctor pulled one over on the entire Secret Service he takes charge of the investigation about the child as he was originally requested and advises Nixon to listen to what the Doctor has to say. When the Doctor determines the location that the child is calling from he follows them into the TARDIS and is momentarily stunned by its TARDISness. He recovers quickly, however, and helps them investigate until he is knocked unconscious by either one of the Silence or a little girl in a space suit (unless it's a space suit wearing a little girl), he either did not see his attacker or it was a Silent.

Following the encounter, in accordance with a plan from the Doctor, the Doctor is locked up in Area 51 as the FBI works to build a perfect prison for him while Canton appears to hunt down his associates, Amy, Rory and River. He shoots Amy and Rory in front of his team, while River jumps from an upper floor of skyscraper that is still under construction. He brings Amy and Rory, alive but concealed in body bags, to the Doctor and while hidden inside the impenetrable cell they board the invisible TARDIS to go catch River and go after the spooky alien race that you can only remember when you're actually looking at them and can influence people's actions.

Canton and Amy returned to Florida to look into the origin of the little girl who was in the space suit. While Canton is searching through files with the rather odd Dr. Renfrew a Silent appears in the doorway and Canton attempts to question it with his nanorecorder activated. In the middle of it he hears Amy scream, and asks if the Silence have weapons. Upon hearing that they do not, he just shoots the alien and calls the Doctor for help as he runs after Amy, who they find has disappeared. They take the injured Silent prisoner, pick up President Nixon, and return to Area 51. After a military doctor treats the Silent Canton questions it again, and records the Silent saying that humans should have shot them all on sight using Amy's video phone. He sends the video to the Doctor (who has recovered Amy) who hacks into the video feed from Apollo 11 as Neil Armstrong lands on the moon. Everyone who is watching and will ever watch the video of the first moon landing sees that, and through the Silence's own powers of suggestion are influenced to kill the Silence on sight. The Doctor and company pick up Canton from Area 51 and return him to Nixon's Oval Office, and the Doctor advises Nixon to record everything, and let Canton get married and reinstate him to the FBI. The president assumes correctly that the person that Canton wants to marry is black…but when he finds out that his would-be fiance is a man he says that the moon is far enough. Canton is unsurprised.

Physical Abilities

As an FBI Agent, Canton is trained in both hand-to-hand combat and an excellent shot with his revolver. He personally lead a team that tracked individuals across the country. He's also good at undercover work: keeping secrets and acting.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions

One snub-nose Colt Python revolver
A very nice pair of sunglasses
A small voice recorder of extra-terrestrial origin embedded in his left palm that blinks red when a recording is being or has been made.


Canton is approaching middle age, with a receding hairline, and an otherwise deliberately unremarkable appearance as befitting a government agent. His hair is very short and dark, and his eyes are hazel.


Canton is a confident, brave, quick-witted, intensely loyal man who knows himself and makes no apologies for who he is. He also tends to know who the smarted man in the room is, and he has little patience for stupidity or following rules and orders for the sake of it. This has given him a reputation for having trouble with authority that he takes pride in. He is an intelligent man in his own right, but he knows the limits of his own ability and knowledge and will always push them when he can. He's particularly level-headed and able to keep his composure under most circumstances, and though he's a practical man he'd adaptable and takes great delight in discovering that the universe is a larger place than he'd ever imagined.


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