Cal Stephanides

Name: Cal (Formally Calliope) Stephanides

Gender: Male (Formally Female)

Age: 15-16

Fandom: Middlesex

Journal: no1orthe_other

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

Cal was born as Calliope Stephanides on a January in the early Sixties to Milton and Tessie Stephanides, two children of Greek Immigrants in Detroit, Michigan. (Also second cousins, but that's another story in itself.)

Cal was both with 5-alpha-reductase deficiency, a recessive condition, that caused him to be born with female characteristics. (Caused by more consanguinity in the Stephanides family tree, but no spoilers here.) In short, he could be called intersex, but prefers to live life as a man, although he was raised from birth to fifteen years old as a female.

Cal was raised as a relatively normal girl with her true identity only remaining a secret to only himself and himself only. 'Callie' wanted to become a normal, feminine girl almost desperately. However, that went to varnish when Callie fell in love with female classmate Cal refers to in the novel only as 'The Obscure Object'. The girl actually did return some of Callie's feelings back during a vacation in the country, but got caught by The Object's older brother. In her haste to run away, Callie ran into a tractor. During her stay in the emergency room, it was discovered to Callie's parents that she was in fact, intersex. After recommendations from the doctors, her parents and Callie went to New York to meet with a Doctor that specialized in sexual disorders.

After a series of tests, examinations, and discovering the disorder. Callie faced sex-reassignment surgery, she refused and runs away. On the road, she cuts her hair, and assumes a new identity as Cal.

Physical Abilities

Not much, he isn't even that good at sports.

Superhuman Abilities

None at all. Aside from a strange ability to understand others reasoning behind things.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

He'll come with a suitcase filled with clothes, but not much else.


Is described as being fairly tall (for a girl), with dark eyes, hair and has a very big, obvious nose. When he identified as a girl, he wore his hair in long, tangled mess to hide his acne and boyish face. Now wears his hair in a tapered style that suits him quite well. Favors preppy and tailored clothing despite his young age. PB is Keir Gilchrist.


While not exactly shy, Cal is what people call introspective and insular. But he has a very active mental life under the smooth surface. He has a great insight as to what makes people tick and describing them. In short, he has traits that would him a great author, rather fitting for a man who's story is very unique.


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RP Canon

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