Brienne of Tarth

Name: Brienne of Tarth, Brienne the Beauty, the Maid of Tarth

Gender: Female

Age: 22 (18+4)

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire

Journal: homely_sonja

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Brienne is the only daughter and heiress of Lord Selwyn Tarth of Evenfall Hall; she had three siblings, none of which survived childhood. During Joffrey's reign, Brienne won a position in the Rainbow Guard of Renly Baratheon, with whom she was infatuated.

Physical Abilities

Larger and stronger than most men, Brienne is a skilled warrior - the only man to have ever defeated her is Jaime Lannister. Then again, she also never faced Gregor Clegane in combat…

Superhuman Abilities

Unless you count looking ridiculous in a pink dress, none.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Brienne wears full plate armor and carries Oathkeeper, a Valyrian sword forged from Eddard Stark's sword, Ice (what happens to Oath Keeper if she and Ned meet could be interesting). She's also carrying a safe passage letter from King Tommen.


Brienne is abnormally large and strong for a woman, and exceeds most men in size. She has large, very blue eyes that appear trusting and guileless, but they are her only attractive feature. (In other words, she's really not as pretty as her PB.)

She is extremely broad-shouldered, but has virtually no bust. Her face is broad and coarse, with a nose that has been broken several times. Her mouth is too wide, with prominent and crooked teeth and lips so plump they seem swollen. Her hair is the color of dirty straw and her face is mottled with freckles.


Brienne longs to be a knight. She has an awkward personality, but is also honest and stubborn. She holds a naïvely idealized notion of knighthood despite the insults she receives from many knights, who call her "Brienne the Beauty" to mock her ugliness.


  • Family: Selwyn of Tarth (father).
  • Lovers: Hahahahahaha. But she carries a torch for Renly Baratheon and has a really interesting interaction with Jaime Lannister in canon.
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Is a viiiiiirgin.
  • Friends: Asato! Stark, Temeraire and Effy Stonem. More to come, probably, fellow typists are welcome to edit the section as well. ^^
  • Enemies: If you ask her, pretty much everyone. >.< Melou, most likely.
  • Allies: Robb Stark, Parsifal, Nerdanel.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): The Westerosis, Knightly People in general.

RP Canon

Eh boy this is woefully neglected.

2013 update:

Brienne of Tarth - is now officially AT LAST in a relationship with Stark (the Sandman). After years of circling each other, they finally said it ! It took him almost dying, but it happened. And she's more confident for it, and fairly stable. She's also still Temeraire's rider, and is possibly going to shack up with him in his cave. And she's friends with Catelyn Stark, Alcuin no Delaunay and Effy Stonem.

She and Temeraire also accidentally witnessed Benjen and Asato having sex outside, which caused quite a bit of angst and debate. She's also befriended Michelle and is likely to go looking for her when she goes in hiding.


So far, after being helpfully greeted by Will Treaty (she might just trust him):

  • had an awkward conversation with Aramat,
  • been (much to her befuddlement) befriended by Asato,
  • met Duck and briefly mistook her for Sansa Stark,
  • was set in the straight and narrow by Effy Stonem (who might well be her friend eventually),
  • brooded on Enide,
  • was extremely befuddled by Iskierka,
  • awkwarded at Isolde,
  • found her spine through challenging Melou,
  • emo'd at Nerdanel after mistaking her for Catelyn,
  • met Parsifal (he's way too nice, this is suspect, she insists, though having now discussed him with Robb, she'll trust him implicitly),
  • vouched herself in the service of Robb Stark,
  • met the Other Stark and though suspicious, found she quite liked him,
  • Had an odd conversation with Sandor Clegane,
  • had a nice conversation with Utena.

Later, she blinked at Harry Potter's glasses, greeted Meru, and endured Agravain's snark. She and Mal Reynolds got weirded out by Ryuk's vuvuzela shenanigans.

At Robb Stark's wedding, she (egad!) wore a blue dress and breast padding. There, she met Tsuzuki, was teased by Oberyn Martell and had a healthy conversation with Stark (she may be crushing on him, a touch >.>). Later, she made BBQ for Temeraire, which will never not be weird to her, and more so now that he wants her to be one of his riders.

She yet has to wake up to strange dreams of alternate universes involving Sandor Clegane. In the meantime, she's been a little girl, getting into snowfights with Pasha, Asato and Stark, Sandor and Oberyn.

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