Name: Bridget

Gender: Male


Fandom: Guilty Gear

Journal: britishbear

Typist: Souji

Quick Biography

Bridget was born into a wealthy family, the younger of twin boys. In his culture, identical twins are seen as a bad omen and to keep their children both safe, he was chosen to be raised as a girl. Bridget, wanting to please his family, went along with it happily, but when his family began to worry about him he decided to prove to them that he could be a boy and not be bad luck.

Physical Abilities

He's strong, fast and flexible. For his world, he's a little stronger than average, but not by much.

Superhuman Abilities

He's got some skill in Magic (a science in his world) and can use that to boost his strength and speed to above normal levels for short periods of time.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

ROGER!! Roger is an AI robotic teddy bear. Roger speaks in a very, very deep monotone voice and has the ability to change his size and utilize weapons built into his body (blades, flame throwers, and a tricycle. Yeah, I know…)


Short and slender, Bridget is the picture of a blond haired, blue eyed, girl. He's got a number of scars along his left arm from where dogs attempted to tear it off at one point, and a few other smaller scars from knives and punctures, but otherwise he's just a cute girl boy.


Bridget is a very cheerful, sweet, and bright person. He's always interested in making new friends and having a good time. On the other hand, he's not the sort to let people push him around. He's very much a man and has no problem proving this to others if need be.


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RP Canon

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