Brian Moser

Name: Brian Moser (alias Rudy Cooper)


Age: 33ish

Fandom: Dexter



Quick Biography

Brian was the older brother of Dexter, the son of Laura Moser, who was a drug addict. However, she was also a rat for the police who were trying to bust her dealer. But when he found out, he cornered her and her two young sons, Dexter at 3 and Brian at 5, in a cargo box in a shipping yard, and dismembered Laura before her son's eyes, using a chainsaw. They were then left together in two inches of their mother's blood for three days. When they were found, the agent who had been working with Laura, Harry Morgan, felt guilty for not protecting her and immediately took Dexter home with him, but left Brian to be delivered to state care - according to Brian, because he was 'too fucked up to save.'

As Brian grew older, however, he began to become a problem child, and in his preteen years (probably around 9-10) was committed to a mental hospital with symptoms of antisocial personality disorder and violent impulses. He grew up in the hospital and was released once an adult, with new acting abilities and even more supremely messed up: emotionally stunted, homicidally inclined, and extremely dangerous. During these years of his life, Brian slipped out of sight, probably committing his first few murders, but in the back of his mind was the thought of his little brother. So when he could, Brian looked Dexter up, and began the process of tracking him down and organizing a reunion. He learned, in the meantime, that Dexter was just like him - not human, in his words - and was thrilled, determining to bring them together so they could kill side by side. (Serial killer brother bonding!)

However, while he met his brother mostly by getting close to Dexter's foster sister Debra, he then made the fatal mistake of kidnapping Debra with intent to kill her. He tried to talk Dexter into joining him, giving up on hiding, but Dexter refused and broke Debra free. Later, Dexter cornered Brian, took him to his house and strapped him to the table where Brian killed his victims, and cut his throat, making it look like a suicide. Brian forgave him, of course. There's nothing he wouldn't forgive his little brother. But he's still dead.

Physical Abilities

Physically fit and relatively strong, but not inhumanly. Knows enough to subdue a struggling victim. Slippery like an eel, but that's just skill.

Superhuman Abilities

None whatsoever. Unless you count an uncanny and total lack of emotion.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Handsome. Dark, slightly curly black hair, a face that might be slightly too narrow but cheekbones to die for. His smile is a little weird sometimes, but overall he's a well groomed, fine looking man in his early 30s in peak physical condition. Killing people is good for your health. Just not theirs. Favors button down shirts. Eyes also sometimes a little weird; slightly too empty, perhaps. His smile and bearing have a touch of the almost endearingly awkward about them, and he definitely tends to seem a little awkward in social situations. That's intentional.


Brian is a sociopath and a serial killer, and he's perfectly happy to be that way. He's intelligent, like most organized serial killers, and neat and efficient. However, he spends most of his life considering how people would look dead. He thinks that most people are better dead, or more interesting. He forms almost no lasting connections and has absolutely no empathy for anyone but himself and his brother, viewing himself as 'post-human' and others as unimportant in general. However, he is very good at feigning emotion, through long observation, and does not exhibit any outward signs of abnormality or aggression. That, obviously, is what makes him so dangerous. To the outside world, the face he shows is of an amiable, even-tempered young prosthetics doctor. He also has a fetish for amputees. It's possible that Brian never feels anything, and his urge to kill comes partially from the stimulation and closeness he experiences only in the act of killing someone.


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RP Canon

Already has his eye on a number of ladies who look like prey to him.

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