Bobby Ray

Name: Bobby Ray

Gender: M

Age: 25

Fandom: Sweet Home Alabama

Journal: everdo2you

Typist: Shar

Quick Biography

Bobby is as comfortable in a bar shooting pool as he is discussing fashion magazines with Melanie, a friend from his childhood. Still, he's managed to keep his homosexuality a secret from almost everyone in his town, at least until Melanie outs him. He reacts with anger, yet eventually forgives her, especially when his friends in town accept him without censure. Maybe they weren't so surprised after all.

He's patient enough to help his grandfather fire a canon in his backyard, and easy-going enough to pretend to be Melanie's relative. Of course, he's been pretending for years in a lot of ways.

Overall, Bobby Ray is mostly comfortable in his own skin, compartmentalizing his life and laughing in the face of any insecurities. Fortunately, he's not terribly insecure.

It's 2002 when he arrives at the Mansion.

Physical Abilities

A killer Southern drawl.

Superhuman Abilities

None at all.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

None, but he'll manage to arrive at the Mansion in his Chevy Trailblazer. Sadly, it will be nearly out of gas and virtually useless after that.


Reddish brown hair. Blue eyes. Looks hot in a pair of blue jeans. His PB is Ethan Embry.


Bobby Ray is a country boy, born and raised in a small Alabama town, from a wealthy family. He's got a great sense of humor. He's a good friend to those in his circle, affectionate to his family and elders, affable and outgoing. Likes to tease his friends, a bit sarcastic and amused by life.

Though he has a degree in history, he works at the Carmichael Tire Factory as a factory manager.

So far:
Asato discovered him at the Mansion.
He gave Dean a ride.
Met a fellow southernerin Aramat.
Exchanged pleasantries with Phoenix.
Flirted with Hisoka. And that was all during his introduction.


RP Canon

Coming soon.

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