Billy Thunder

Name: Billy Thunder

Gender: Male

Age: It's never actually stated in canon, but the typist would guess he'd be about two, maybe three.

Fandom: Gateway Trilogy

Journal: loves_mama

Typist: momentsplinter

Quick Biography

Billy Thunder was born on Winnoway Farm, son of Bear, an old dog owned by Mary Winnoway and her daughter, Rage. Bear had a litter of twelve puppies, born premature because of her age. Most of them died soon after being born. The rest were too small and weak to suckle on their own, so Rage and her mother had to milk Bear and handfeed the puppies. They couldn't get much milk from Bear, though. Rage's mother decided that they would have to choose one puppy to save, because there was so little milk, that was all they could do. Billy was the one they chose. He was a sickly puppy, and it took a lot of time and nursing for him to recover, but eventually he grew strong.

Some time later, Rage's mother had an accident that left her in a coma, and she wasn't expected to recover. Rage was tricked into traveling through a magical gateway by the Firecat, who told her there was a wizard on the other side who would give her magic to heal her mother. Rage went through the gate and found herself in a magical land called Valley. Her fours dogs (Bear, Billy Thunder, Elle, and Mr Walker) followed her through, along with the neighbour's goat. Just as she was travelling through the gate, Rage wished that her animals friends were human, so she could speak with them. This caused the gate's magic to transform the animals into (more or less) human shapes. Billy was the only one who didn't resist the changing magic, so he was the only who became fully human.

Lots of stuff happened, and Rage and her friends discovered that the flow of magic in Valley had stopped, and the wizard who created Valley had disappeared. Valley would slide back into time if its magic ran out, and the only way to save it was for them to find the wizard.

It turned out that the Firecat had tricked the wizard into trapping himself inside a magical hourglass. It got broken, the wizard got released, all was saved. Except Bear died along the way, which made Billy very sad. The rest of the animals decided to stay in Valley, because if they returned home, they would lose their new, more human forms and their near human intelligence. Billy was the only one who went back with Rage, jumping through the world gate after her at the last minute, giving up his humanness because he couldn't bear the thought of being without her.

Some months later, Rage's world was experiencing an unnaturally long and harsh winter, which Rage discovered was leaking into their world from Valley. She also discovered she had the ability to travel in her dreams to Valley, and to take Billy with her. He appeared as a human in her dreams. They found out that Valley was experiencing the same sort of extreme winter, and it was leaking into Valley through a magical gate that had ~mysteriously appeared~. On the other side of it, they found another world, called Null, where there was no sun and it was forbidden to want or long for anything. It was ruled over by the Stormlord, whose goal was to create a world where everyone would be free from longing, and therefore happy.

In the end, they defeated the Stormlord, and he agreed to let the citizens of Null go and live in Valley, on the condition that Elle stayed behind with him in Null. The wizard closed the winter door (which, it turned out, had been created by the Firecat), and the winter finally ended. Billy went back home with Rage, briefly returning to his dog form. When they got back to the farm, they discovered that Rage's uncle Samuel had had an accident and crashed his car into a ditch. Billy wanted so badly to be able to help that it was enough to turn him back into a human. Once he'd worked out how to change shape, it became easier and he was able to do it at will.

Physical Abilities

An unnaturally strong sense of smell. It's not as good when he's a human as it is when he's a dog, but it's still far better than any normal human's. He can tell people apart by their scent, smell people's emotions, etc. He can also smell magic, so he might be able to tell if somebody has magical abilities.

He's also quite physically strong, though it's nothing superhuman.

Superhuman Abilities

He can switch between his human and dog shapes at will.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



In his human shape, Billy is tall, broad-shouldered, and strong-looking. He has straight, heavy, reddish toffee-coloured hair that is a bit too long and flops down over his eyes. His eyes are brown and flecked with gold. He usually wears jeans, a t-shirt, and a bomber jacket, and never wears shoes. The only sign that he used to be a dog are some unnaturally hairy toes. An educated guess made by his typist says he looks about nineteen years old.

When he's a dog, he's big, toffee-coloured, and has floppy ears.


Billy is loyal and faithful, incredibly devoted to his friends, and loves them unconditionally. He never gets angry with or resentful of anyone he loves – the most obvious example being his mother, Bear, who treated Billy coldly and ignored him for most of his life, but Billy didn't mind at all, remaining completely devoted to her and still treating her kindly. He also chose to return home with Rage rather than stay behind in Valley, giving up his human shape and intelligence to stay with her. He's very protective of the people he loves, too, and on numerous occasions stubbornly insists on accompanying Rage when she's about to do something that might be dangerous, or volunteers to do it himself, because he would rather get hurt himself than see any of his friends get hurt.

He has a keen mind, and enjoys his new ability to think complex thoughts. He's good at thinking logically, coming up with plans, and working out solutions to problems. Some of this comes down to intuition: he'll just think about the different aspects of a problem or puzzle, and the solutions will just come to him out of nowhere. He'll usually continue to think about and puzzle over things that don't yet make sense to him. He's very curious in general, and now that he's human and has the capacity to understand, he likes to learn about things and how they work.

Billy's mind still isn't fully human, though, and sometimes he still acts rather like a dog. As Billy puts it, his mind isn't quite 'big' enough to do some things. For example, he has trouble imagining things and picturing different people and places in his mind. The one time someone tried to make a joke to him, he didn't understand, and the typist imagines sarcasm would go right over his head. He also tends to live in the moment and not worry much about the past or future. As a result, he tends to be quite calm and content most of the time, and gets a very simple, complete happiness from little things like running around and playing with his other dog friends. He also has very little sense of embarrassment, and though he does occasionally get shy and bashful, it's not very often. And though he's calm, content, and reasonable most of the time, he doesn't have much self-control and isn't very good at keeping his emotions in check, so in immediately stressful situations he can become very upset, and it takes a lot of effort for him to control himself and not do anything stupid. His displays of emotion tend to be very dramatic and over the top, too.

He is also kind, gentle, and sensitive to the feelings of others. If someone is upset, he does his best to comfort and reassure them. He's very cheerful and always looks on the bright side of things. He's very eager and excitable, too, and since he has so little self-control, he can sometimes get carried away in his excitement.

He's quite bold and courageous, also. He's a natural leader and tends to take charge of things, particularly when other people are frightened, upset, or on the verge of giving up, though he's never bossy or overbearing. He can get very determined and stubborn if there's something that needs to be done or a problem that needs to be solved.


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