Name: Norman Arriaga, aka Belize

Gender: Male

Age: Late 20s

Fandom: Angels in America

Journal: belize-queen

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

At times Belize feels less like an individual than a symbol of marginalized groups, particularly since most of his history and personal life are hidden from the audience. We know very little about him, save for the fact that he is an ex-drag queen and registered nurse, Belize is Prior's best friend and —quite against Belize's will— Roy Cohn's caretaker.

Physical Abilities

- Belize is a registered nurse with quite a bit of experience and can perform flawlessly all the tasks required by nursing. (He also claims to be gifted with an IV.)
- He's an ordinary human, so he has all the physical abilities of a healthy man of his age and constitution. His body is toned from working in the hospital and carrying patients etc.
- Belize used to be a drag queen and teeters between being drag and not being drag. This supposes various cosmetic abilities.

Superhuman Abilities

None whatsoever.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Nothing unusual. He showed up with his uniform and some medical stuff when he was introduced, but that was years ago and has likely run out since.


Short, because we rolled it in chat, so he's 5'2, lithe, dark skinned (African-American) and curly haired. He was taken before Perestroika, and so is just back to being a transvestite when he arrives at the Mansion. As a man, he's quite effeminate, yet handsome, and as a woman, he has the class all drag manage to muster, though it is a little bit too flashy. He is usually seen wearing androgynous clothes, however, rather than in drag.


He is the most ethical and reasonable character in the play, generously looking out for Prior, grappling with Roy and rebutting Louis's blindly self-centered politics. But despite these omissions he remains complex—full of hatred for Roy, yet possessing sufficient character and morality to forgive him.


RP Canon (in reverse chronological order)

2013 update

Belize is mooning in love with Justin, we will have you know. He’s got a broken arm that’s going to be in a sling until St-Valentine’s day to the earliest, but he’s otherwise well and happy to see people.

ETA: They're trying to put together a fashion show and fawning a lot over Michelle. :-)

In 2011

Belize's major event in 2011 has to do with Simeon disappearing out of the blue. He's currently hiding in Simeon's former room and developing an unhealthy addition to Oregon Trail as a coping mechanism. We're sure he'll cope, though. Belize always does.
His support system, so far, includes:

  • Muraki, though he's not sure how much support that's getting him, since the doctor seems more intent on whining at Belize over his own issues than assisting him;
  • Eeyore, who managed to shake Belize out of his brooding, thankfully;
  • Poor Yukio, who has to put up with his grumpiness;
  • Neville, who looks like he'll be feeding him.
  • Tony Foster.

In 2010

Belize's actions so far have mostly consisted of keeping the not!boyfriend and the friends duct-taped together, as well as greeting strangers (namely, Amber Sweet and Muraki, lately). Aside from spending lots of quality time with Simeon, whom he adores, Belize has spent quite a bit of time talking sense into Sandor Clegane and Robb Stark. He was rather distressed when Isolfr died at the hands of Sebastian, and had temporary custody of Viradechtis.

When Muraki showed up, Belize was the one to patch him up, and he did the same with Amber Sweet, with the help of Pascal Rougon. His current projects involve setting up a bar in the basement with Amber, as well as helping Favrielle set up shop. He would love to see Muraki participate in a drag show, and will in fact be working towards that goal, slowly but steadily.

After patching her up (again with Pascal's help), Belize has been working with Amber on setting up a bar in the basement. This includes a fashion show with Favrielle 's creations. The bar hasn't been opened yet. He's also met 11-12, whom he's taking a liking to quite fast, in fact. They eventually slept together, which briefly had an impact on Belize's not!relationship with Simeon. However, 11-12 is now with Bridget, Belize knows, is happy for them (he quite likes Bridget), and has resumed cuddling Simeon happily.

Remaining events for 2010 include, as far as the typist can remember:

At Ye Olde Mansion

The typist failed to record Belize's canon prior to the move from Ye Olde Mansion. Suffice it to say that in that time, he developed friendships with Sandor Clegane, Robb Stark and Isolfr. At one point, Belize had a crush on Isolfr, and was, well, crushed when Isolfr died. And that's when Belize and Simeon, who were already friends, started sleeping together.

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