Name: Bastas

Gender: male

Age: 150

Fandom: The Kingkiller Chronicle



Quick Biography

This part needs moar cowbell books. Thus far, all we know is that he is Fae, and the titles: Bastas, son of Remmen, Prince of Twilight and the Telwyth Mael. What this means, what he can do, we're waiting on Patrick Rothfuss.


Really freaking pretty. Just look at his PB. With startlingly blue eyes that constantly change color and a delicate, fine-boned face. Always wears leather boots that have a curious quality to their shadow.


Bast is generally an open, outgoing, friendly Fae; he enjoys flirting with girls, is generally playful and good humored, etc. etc. However, when angered he is a dangerous force of nature, implacable and ruthless, and the only one capable of controlling him is Kvothe. Since recent events, however, he is much more taciturn and inclined to mistrust, especially of strangers.

RP Canon

Kvothe happened. And then Kvothe sex. He's still trying to work out what to do about this. He and Kvothe seem to have settled into a…very peculiarly non-awkward relationship thing. Where they pretty much behave the same as ever, just with more snuggling and snogging. It's kind of ridiculously cute.

However, this was not to be. He ran into [[Steerpike]] and found himself beaten to within an inch of his life with an iron bar, which really hurts when you're sensitive to iron, which Bast is. His jaw was smashed, hand skewered, and generally very bruised. Since then, he has withdrawn greatly and become much warier and less friendly.

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