Asato Lamento

Name: Asato

Gender: Male

Age: ?

Fandom: Lamento ~BEYOND THE VOID~ A rather obscure Japanese PC game from Nitro+ Chiral

Journal: misborncat

Typist: Souji

Quick Biography

Asato was born a mixed breed cat in a village where such things are the ultimate taboo. His parents were killed and if it weren't for his mother's best friend stepping in, he would have been killed as well. Instead, he grew up on the outskirts of the village, told that he was worthless and an abomination. He utterly believed them too. At least, he did until a cat named Konoe showed up. Konoe was the first cat he'd ever seen, besides himself, with black fur and he was instantly attached to him and to the way the other cat treated him. Kindness was a rarity in his life, so much so that when it came down to a choice of staying or leaving the only home he'd ever known, Asato chose to leave and follow Konoe wherever he went. -Insert adventures here! If someone has a burning NEED TO KNOW, I will be happy to add/tell you all about the wonderful world of pc games.


Asato is a Ribika or cat. Yes, he's a cat. That looks like a person. Mostly. Asato stands an even 6 feet tall. His eyes are a bright blue and the pupils can be either round or slitted. His hair is messy and dark black, which matches the fur on his ears and tail. I did mention the cat thing, right? Good. His skin is dark and all in all he carries all of the traits of a 'cursed cat'.


Asato is shy, and rather innocent of most forms of social customs. He acts a lot like a kitten; at times skittish and at other times playful and happy to be pet.


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RP Canon

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