Name: Arthur [Redacted]

Gender: Male

Age: [Redacted]

Fandom: Inception

Journal: paradox_steps

Typist: Meg

Quick Biography

Arthur is very light-lipped about his own background, to the point where most people he works with only know him by his first name, and whether or not that’s actually his real name is debatable. If he has family he likely doesn't see them often due to the nature of his work, though that might be why he occasionally heads Stateside even though Cobb can't. At some point in the past Arthur was involved in the US military in some capacity, likely special forces at least, and through that became involved in Project Somnacin where he first experienced dreamsharing. He took to it immediately, and after leaving the military he pursued it and fell in with Dominic and Malorie Cobb. His logical and skeptical nature makes him suited to the position of point man on extraction jobs, responsible for planning and researching and investigating the mark as well as a suitable dreamer for creating stable dreamscapes on lower levels. The Cobbs became his friends as well as coworkers, and when the Cobbs’ experiment went wrong and Mal committed suicide, Arthur continued helping and working with Arthur after he’d moved to the illegal side of dreamsharing, though as he was not connected to the presumed crime he maintained a bit more freedom and was free to enter and leave the United States at will and did so often. The continued until they took the job for Cobol Engineering and the attempted extraction from Saito, which led into the Inception job.

After landing in LA following the successful Inception and the group split up at the airport, Arthur took a cab to a Los Angeles hotel…

Physical Abilities

Arthur has military training, making him competent with a variety of weapons, as well as hand-to-hand fighting. He’s also a skilled and clever researcher, though his abilities with computers won’t be of much use at the mansion.

He’s good at problem solving under pressure, despite what some associates might claim about a lack of creativity…you’ve gotta be be at least a bit creative to figure out how to drop a group of people without gravity.

Superhuman Abilities

In dreams he excels at paradoxical architecture, but awake he’s a normal (if skilled), unpowered human.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

One casino die, translucent red with solid white dots. It is weighted in a manner known only to Arthur.

His moleskine and pen, because you should never leave home without your notebook.

A leather satchel, containing a laptop computer and his (now useless) smartphone.

One Glock 17 handgun.


5'10" and slim, with short, often slicked-back dark hair and an ability to wear professional clothing casually. He’s got a young-looking face, and could make a convincing case for anywhere from early twenties through mid-thirties.


Arthur prides himself on professionalism and competence in his work, he is very aware of how vital his role is to the safety of the team throughout the job and can sometimes appear a little uptight because of it. This is probably helped along by his professional manner of dress and need to know things, like where his work contacts are and how to reach them. He can be almost obsessive about detail and organization on the job, because in dreamshare surprises can get you killed. He’s got a slightly paranoid streak, not unusual for his line of work. He is not lacking a sense of humor though, however dry, and he can be much more laid back off the job, even a bit messy in his own home. He is extremely guarded and slow to trust due to both his job and his background, but once he does trust someone he can be intensely loyal. With his intelligence, logical and level-headed nature he could have excelled at anything he chose to pursue, but he loves dreamshare. He loves the technical difficulties and problems it provides for him to solve…and the danger.

On Arthur’s clothing sense:
Arthur is a professional man, who wears professional clothing when he is working. Collared shirts, often a tie, occasionally a waistcoat. The way he wears them, however, is rather casual. His jacket goes missing if he’s got one, the tie ends up loose and crooked, the top button or two of his shirt ends up undone and his sleeves are rolled up to the elbow. Within dreams he’s far more done up even when he’s not portraying a role, a manifestation of how seriously he takes his work. His clothing tends to be good quality and well-fitted (perhaps tailored), he knows how to put himself together and carries himself well, but unless circumstances warrant he doesn’t tend to be actually formal.)


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