Name: Ariel

Gender: N/A, but generally appears to be male

Age: Unknown

Fandom: The Tempest, by William Shakespeare



Quick Biography

After being imprisoned in a cloven pine for thirteen years by the witch Sycorax, he was freed by [[Prospero]] and bound to serve him for the same length of time that he was imprisoned in the tree. Near the end of his service he aided Prospero by creating a tempest and washing all of Prospero's enemies on the island. He helped Prospero get revenge on his brother and regain his dukedom, and then was set free.


When he's visible typically looks attractive and androgynous, and usually appears to be male if only because of the lack of breasts.


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Generally pretty playful and mischievous, but with a fierce independence. Often looks at things a bit differently from mortals.

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