Name: Irisse Aredhel, White Lady of the Noldor

Gender: Female

Age: About 1750 years old at the time of her death.

Fandom: The Silmarillion

Journal: arid-white-lady

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Not much of her is known canonically, other than that she was: the third child and only daughter of Fingolfin, friends with the sons of Fëanor, though she had not given her heart to any of them, and married (against her will, more likely than not) to Eol, producing Maeglin.
Her full biography can be found here.


She looks just like the rest of the house of Finwë. Black hair, grey eyes, always dressed in silver and white.Current typist Wil has given her Micheline Love for a PB, who sometimes has red hair. Wow. So daring, Irissë.


She is tall and strong, fond of hunting and riding in the forests. She's also a bit maternal, a bit wild, acts like she's about ten around her totallycousin, Celegorm.


RP Canon

At Ye Olde Mansion

She arrived straight from that pointy thing accident where her hubby Eol shot something at her son and she got in the way. The first to pick her up was Cleeg, and it seems death has annulment properties, because those two have more than a soft spot for each other. Immediately up next was big brother Fingon, who incidentally hates Cleeg. Fun times ahead. Then there was Eol, which creeped Irisse to no ends, and Finrod, who is probably the most reassuring figure thus far.
Then her brother proceeded to freaking her out with updates on her darling Cleeg's doings (but she still thinks he's good) and there was that epic fail with Morgoth, where Tyelko was sucked into the void and half her Feanorian cousins were killed (namely one of the Ambarussa and Caranthir) before she even had a chance to see him. And she commiserated with Angrod, and is now flailing at Daeron.
Now that Tyelko has returned, she's been taking care of him when Galadriel and Angrod couldn't, and got very angry at her big brother when he went and harassed her totally cousin on his sickbed. Later, she sort of said the L word, and they sort of kissed. This was immediately followed by Maedhros telling her all about the kinslayings and bad things that happened, her being highly broken, and Fingon being pissed off again.
Much drama later, her brother went and told Cleeg that she hated him, resulting in him going inside himself more. Fingon, as usual, was wrong, and Ar went and visited the totally!cousin and told him she forgave him everything (much to his utter befuddlement), and they are apparently resuming their relationship, though since he told her what her brother said, her family relationships are strained, to say the least.
At this point, any conversation between her and Fingon consist of him harassing her, her ignoring him, him pushing, and her exploding on him and slamming doors. It‘s all very mature, Ar. At this point, they’re not talking, with Ar sinking deeper and deeper in her adoration of Cleeg - which basically suggests those two are soul mates, with their respective lives depending on the other's well-being.
ETA: Cleeg forgot to keep a basic promise (to stay alive), and effectively almost killed Ar, making Fingon flail more, of course. He came back just in time for his girlfriend's NDE, and later got a good yelling at for it, though Ar promptly forgave him when his broken-ness manifested.
Effectively dependent, Ar? Just a little.
ETA2: Cleeg proposed, she accepted, there is much woob. Fingon still twitches at the thought, though.
ETA3: She was crackplotted for a day into loving Eol. It was strange.
ETA4: Aredhel beat up Melisande Shahrizai after she almost killed Cleeg. He got betterm and they got married on March 1st, 2009. This provided for much awkward within the family (notably Pandora and Galadriel meeting), but everything went well. Good thing they did get married, because she was already almost 3 months pregnant. Her delivery is expected for early January 2010, at the latest.
ETA5: The girls were born January 21st, or thereabouts. Yay?

At the New Mansion (2010)

Typist has failed to update this, please be indulgent if there are any omissions. >.> Interactions are in no particular order.

2013 update

Aredhel - Not doing well. But she's bereaved of her husband, brother and son, so we KIND OF UNDERSTAND. She's getting help from family and friends with the twins (who are now the equivalent of 8 years old because elf babies grow up faster). Mostly though she's quiet due to, well, extreme bereavement.

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