Aramat Drawdes

Name: The Lady Aramat Drawdes

Gender: Female

Age: 25. (Is technically in her mid-to late thirties, but was once in a strange place between the world of the living and the dead.)

Fandom: Alabaster

Journal: scalpedsociety

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

Aramat Drawdes was born Tamara Seward in Savannah, Georgia. Her family was from a long line of Southern Gentry. She has no ties with her blood family, since she couldn't be married off because her sexual and social proclivities were entirely too strange for even the most patient man. However, the rickety old mansion where she makes her home was given to her in a will left by Theodosius W. Ybanes the third. A scientist and one of Aramat's favorite uncles, he left her Stephens Ward, an old mansion that was built by the first Theodosius W. Ybanes built some years after the civil war. After moving in and a name change, she grew lonely and wished for company, so she sought out women exactly like her and offered them to live in Stephens Ward, she named the group of ladies The Stephens Ward Tea League and Society of Resurrectionists. They cooked together, basked in each others "company", and most strangely, found dead bodies and engaged in Autopsy simply for the fun of it, a hobby the young Aramat often delved into with her uncle ever since she was young. (Sometimes they would dig up a corpse from a graveyard, sometimes they would kill a drifter who would wonder around their area, and sometimes if Aramat got bored enough, she'd kill one of the ladies and have the woman placed on the slab.) Her life was relatively without any major changes, until some house guests came in and brought with them a girl named Darcy Flammarion…

Physical Abilities

Despite her small, frail-looking physique, Aramat is surprisingly full of stamina and is able to carry most bodies. (Being a killer will do that to you.) In the rare occurrence she has to fight hand to hand, she doesn't count on power and instead depends on speed and surprise attacks. However like most fragile speedsters, one good powerful hit/ability will (physically) take her down. Is almost virtually incapable of feeling pain normally.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions

None whatsoever.


Short and delicate underneath all the stuffy layers with flawless China Doll skin. Despite all of the rich food and liquor she eats, her figure is slim with some curves to it. Has slightly wavy chestnut brown hair nearly always put into a bun or hidden underneath an ornate hat. She has hollow, bottomless hazel eyes framed by long natural lashes that always seem to look like she's in a dream-like state. Her face is slightly chiseled, severe looking at first glance, but softened up once you look closely. She wears a clearly exclusive Victorian or Edwardian wardrobe, she doesn't wear anything made after the year 1914. Because that is year she believes the world lost all meaning for her. Her PB is Helena Bonham-Carter


The Lady Aramat is a pure libertine and lives only for her own whims and whatever pleases her at the moment. She is oddly calm most of the time, and is polite. (When she wants to be.) However, when she becomes angry, scared, and taken over by her "impulses", she will go mad in a murderous rage. Killing anyone who she might come across for little to no reason at all. Her family line all suffered from severe prosophobia, which explains why she lives like a post civil-war Southern Noble in the 21st century. The only advances she accepted were fluorescent lights, installed in the basement of the rickety mansion she lived in so she and her Ladies could see cadavers more clearly, a car (a vintage 1914 Ford Touring to get her and the ladies around town to collect bodies) and modern hygiene/bathroom technology. Everything else she abhors deeply. She often talks cryptically and will often sing songs or old nursery rhymes to herself. She is often a lush, nearly with some kind of alcoholic drink in her hand. She also adores flowers (especially poisonous ones) and will do fresh flower arrangements out of enjoyment.


RP Canon

After "awakening" in the mansions garden right right next to her beloved Oleander flowers and discovered that she was resurrected by her fellow Ladies in Stephens Ward, she was guided back to the mansion by Steerpike but she escaped him once he started suggesting that she see a doctor. Also in the garden she:

  • Exchanged "interesting" conversation with Johnny Rockfort.
  • Met Anita Blake and suspected that she was a monster slayer like Darcy. (The suspicions were mutual as well.)
  • Talked to Armand St. Just and got surprised a bit. (In her world, he's fiction.)
  • Was greeted by Adaon and had her forehead wound cleaned.
  • Was helped by Isolde and has taken too much of liking towards her.
  • Was reminded of a surrogate son by Caliban and swore to protect him at all costs.
  • Was taken under the care of Kazutaka Muraki who bandaged her seemingly sprained ankle and developed a very off-kilter relationship with him. (It's best to say that they are like "brother and sister" and leave it at that.)
  • Later on she had her brain broken and her "interests" re-awoken by Icarus.

Some days later she met Ines Serrano and sees her as a possible friend. Also flirted with an oblivious Iphigenia. Met Muraki again in the basement and agreed to share a lab together. Creeped both Asato Tsuzuki and <span style+"font-family: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;">Adrian Ivashkov</span> out. Met Phèdre nò Delaunay in the gardens and agreed to teach her medicinal botany for "certain favors". Met Pandora and exchanged some small talk. MetLight Yagami, and has decided she doesn't like him at all. Met Wendla, and wants her to be her surrogate daughter. Was coaxed into a modern dress byBelize. Got scared by Ryuk and exchanged some talk… She set up the basement lab with Muraki, and some days afterword, was summoned by Morgoth and became one of his allies out of crippling boredom. However due to her very unpredictable nature, time can only tell how long it will last. She fangirled Graverobber, and managed to creep him out in the process.

Met Miles Edgeworth and was questioned about the basement, she told him nothing, suspecting him to being in league with Anita. She did however, drop a scalpel which may be troublesome later on. (Although as crazy as she is, it may have been on purpose.) Has found a totally evil and bitchy galpal in Dahlia. She then cooked a Southern feast and scared Tsuzuki once again. Met Delilah and almost molested her. (Good things are not going to happen after this.) Ran into Light again and gave him a small glimpse of her past. (It's as crazy and fucked as you'd expect it to be.) And last but certainly not least, got nommed on by Pandora and was about to (pleasantly) die before Shilo came in.

After being found (sadly) half-dead by Muraki, and healing, she met Brian Moser (through the alias of Rudy Cooper). She's rather suspicious of him, and has taken a rather… keen interest in him. She decided to keep an eye on him… for now. During the magical crackplot, her clothes were changed into hooker wear. She met with Muraki again, complaining of rather intense fire and water dreams, after some energy feeding, Aramat was suicidal and was nearly granted death by sex from Muraki. But in true sadistic typist manner, she didn't get what she wanted. She has currently been joyfully reunited with her tru wuv, AKA the Piano.

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