Ann Bransby-Smith

Name: Ann Bransby-Smith

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Fandom: Lost Souls

Journal: 4am_dreamer

Typist: pashchan

Quick Biography

Ann was born to a biology professor named Simon Bransby and his former wife around North Carolina. Ann's mother divorced Simon to run off with a neighbor who she had been having an affair when Ann was around ten, leaving him alone with his daughter to raise. He never was quite the same man after the split and had a constant fear that his daughter would run off with a boy and leave him alone. They moved to Missing Mile when Ann was thirteen. Ann became friends with a strange boy named Ghost around high school, through him she met Steve, his best friend and partner in a band called Lost Souls. They began a passionate relationship around Senior year, Ann had boyfriends before but none of them were like Steve. He felt the same for Ann. Of course Steve had a drinking problem that often reared it's ugly head in bed, and Ann really had no desire to be the girlfriend of a aimless wanna be rockstar. (Not that Ann could say anything about that, as she really didn't do much after high school.) So she ended up dumping him and started dating a college professor on the rebound. Of course she was still madly in love with Steve, but cared to not admit it and flaunt her new guy.

Not really a good idea. Steve didn't take this well at all and one night in a drunken rage he broke into Ann's house and raped her. Afterwards, he felt such guilt about it that he started to spiral towards a course of self-destruction. Ann went into a long period of depression…

Until the vampires came to Missing Mile.

Determined to not let this affect her, Ann defiantly went to Steve and Ghost's show at The Sacred Yew, a local hole in the wall. During this time, a young (and confused) young boy named Nothing was looking for the band and happened to be traveling with a group of Vampire (or at least in lifestyle and drink of choice) drifters that also were total sociopaths. Their lime-eyed leader was Zillah, the most beautiful and charismatic of all of them. (Also the most psychotic, hedonistic, and out-right murderous.) Before the show, a misunderstanding in Ghost's house led to an altercation between Steve and Zillah. The beautiful and crazy vampire left but not without promising to kill Steve and Ghost right in front of their most loyal fan, Nothing.

After the show, Ann met Zillah. He charmed her, and lead her to his van where he seduced Ann. Of course Steve and Ghost witnessed the whole thing. Ann being Ann, shoved this fact in her ex-boyfriends face. Of course what she and they didn't know at the time, is that Zillah impregnated her with his child and Nothings younger sibling. (Of course, Zillah gave no fucks about Ann or the fact that by being a vampire and getting a female knocked up means that the child will literally eat it's way out the womb and kill the mother during birth.) Ann became completely and utterly obsessed with Zillah, even running away from Missing Mile to meet him in New Orleans when he and his crew left. Steve and Ghost left some months after in order to talk some sense into Ann.

After getting a cheap room in New Orleans, info about what pregnancy and birth with a vampire child will do to Ann, and a method to get rid of the child from a creepy dude named Arkady, Steve and Ghost set off to find her. They succeeded, finding her holed up near a graveyard being her dramatic self. They abducted her, knowing that she'd immediately would object to an abortion and going home. They left her with Arkady, trusting in him to get rid of the baby and save Ann's life.

Things didn't turn out that way, to say the least. When they came back, they found Ann dead by the method of getting rid of the baby. (It was VERY bloody.) And Arkady dead by two soul-sucking vampires he kept in his basement. (He wasn't really that smart.) This is where she is taken form, right after the bloody, hideous birth.

Physical Abilities

Not much, she is a slightly above-average painter, but it's really nothing to get too excited about.

Superhuman Abilities

None whatsoever, maybe if loving too much, having messy, messy relationships, and being overly dramatic over these issues is considered a superpower.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Ann is described as young and unusually pretty in an artsy way with red-gold hair. She has a unique sense of fashion that is somewhere between bohemian and gothic. (If wearing lots of loose black clothes count.) Her PB is Hattie Watson.


Ann seems like a typical aloof and aimless artist-chick in her late-teens with a nasty mouth and even messier love-life, however beyond those traits, there is a profound yearning to be loved and to love back. (Perhaps stemming from her aloof but sometimes obsessive Father, who would chain his daughter to the bed and sometime leave her there for days when Ann got too disobedient or mouthy.) Even if it means getting into situations or being with people that clearly aren't good for her. Ann is often quite emotional and somewhat cruel to people that have wronged her. She often keeps old emotional wounds open for longer than it is healthy.


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RP Canon

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