Anita Blake

Name: Anita Blake

Gender: Female

Age: 27 when cut out of canon + 6.

Fandom: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter Series

Journal: tomboy_22

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

Anita Blake is a resident of St. Louis. Born a necromancer with the power to raise and control zombies as well as power over other forms of undead, Anita leads a complicated life. Her main job is as an animator for "Animators, Inc.", a St. Louis-based business that raises the dead for the right price. Anita is also a licensed vampire executioner, (known to vampires as "The Executioner") a consultant for RPIT, the area's police division in charge of preternatural crimes. She has also been given the status of a federal marshal.

Anita’s life is fully documented on the Wikipedia article.

NOTE: Anita is taken out of her universe at the end of Incubus dreams (book 12).

Physical Abilities

- Trained martial artist (jujitsu).
- Anita can hold her own in a fight, and she can pretty much handle most weapons efficiently (including swords). At heart, though, she's a gun-girl.
- Picked up a few investigation tricks from her time as a consultant with the RPIT (Regional Preternatural Investigation Team).
- Majored in preternatural biology.

Superhuman Abilities

At the time of her arrival at the mansion, Anita has made considerable progress with her metaphysical problems as she learns that she can partially control the ardeur (which requires that she feed on lust every 12 hours and compels others to have intercourse with her, sometimes without her own control). She can do this by drawing power from others' lust and by ensuring that her other desires, such as physical hunger, do not go unfulfilled. Other hungers which she has recently acquired (much to her distress) are blood lust and meat need.
Current abilities:
- Panwere: at considerable cost, Anita can shift into a grey wolf or a snow leopard;
- Ability memetism: Anita can 'pick up' powers from vampires that she is in contact with, though it doesn't work that much at the Mansion. (She's getting good at picking out lies, though, something she might be picking up from Henry.)
- Itzapapalotl: she can drag power from a victim by draining them of their energy. This has the effect of turning her eyes black, pupil to pupil, for an extended period of time, which makes her reluctant to use it;
- Necromancy: Anita can raise the dead by performing a vaudoun ritual, which is completely useless at the Mansion;
- Psychic abilities: can establish a mental connection with other preternaturally gifted individuals, particularly the Blood, other shapeshifters and vampires;

Typist notes that there are a bunch of other powers highlighted in the series, but she actually doesn't bother with them.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

She usually carries a gun (a Browning.)


5 foot 3 inches, sporty, shoulder length brown hair. Anita’s dresscode usually is “vamp killer casual” (jeans, sneakers, T-shirt and gun), except when she’s on a date with one of her many lovers. Eyes are normally a deep brown, but turn black eyelid to eyelid as a side effect of Anita using the Itzapapalotl vampire power. Their shape has turned wolvish due to extended time spent in wolf-shape.

At some point she, Manny, and Edward were involved in at least one dicey confrontation with vampires — a battle against Valentine and his pack in which Anita received a number of severe scars, including a cross shaped brand on her arm, put there by some of the vampires' human thralls.

Her PB is Anna Lee.


Anita is hardboiled, flippant and stubborn. She has major emotional issues, is frequently the only female in macho situations, and tends to come across as quite prickly and difficult. She usually plays knight errant, championing vulnerable characters who ask for her help. Anita also lacks tact, loses her temper, is insubordinate, and tends to be quite hypocritical in many regards.

She's friendly, though, and able to interact most effectively with other hard-boiled characters. She's also been displaying a dark sense of humor and a vast measure of anxiety over some matters, though she can be quite calm and practical about others.

Flores believed that training a necromancer in vaudun ritual would lead to evil and encouraged Anita to remain Roman Catholic. Later, when the Pope excommunicated all animators, Anita became an Episcopalian. Despite her conflicting lifestyle, she holds fast to her beliefs as a Christian and will not be teased, or see religion belittled. This, along with being called "My Lady" or being treated like a damsel in distress, is one of her pet peeves.

Anita is morbidly afraid of getting pregnant, mostly because of the metaphysical cocktail in her veins, and the very unknown nature of a potential offspring of hers.


  • Family: all adopted brothers, in her case: Caliban Leandros, the now departed Locke Lamora. Is an aunt to Daniel Heerkins.
  • Lovers: formerly attached to Sam Spade, she's lost touch with him since. Back in St-Louis, Jean-Claude, Richard Zeeman and Micah were her regulars. She was engaged to Henry Fitzroy as of December 26th 2008, with ups and downs, but altogether holding up. As of December 2011, Henry is sharing her with Lucivar Yaslana. This was a long time coming. All this was wiped out in the 26-12-12 quake. She is now sharing a bed very regularly with Lukas Ford. They don't talk about it, but there's clearly more than sex going on.
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Clayton Danvers (on a semi-regular basis, though it's been a while now), Lucivar Yaslana (once as the result of a disinhibition crackplot which she doesn't remember, once during his rut, which led to much angst on both parts), Curufin (once in self-defense, once as a sort of pity snog, OR SO SHE SAYS).
  • Friends: Medraut, Melou (oh sigh), Tony Foster, Erica Reyes, TJ Gurney.
  • Enemies: She dislikes Merlin, fears and loathes instinctively Morgoth, is jealous of Marian Yaslana though she would never say it. And there's Raina. Of course. Will most likely go on to Muraki's trail the first chance she gets. Aramat apparently has taken issue with Anita existing.
  • Allies: See above - Anita has quite a few people she trusts. This includes Asato Tsuzuki ..
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): The Holy Trinity of Hotness, the Blood. Is currently the local Pack's Ulfrik.

RP Canon (in reverse chronological order, sort of.)

2013 update

Anita’s lost a lot of people in the quake. She’s been coping mostly by staying in wolf shape as much as possible, both because in that shape the pain of loss isn’t as powerful, and because it helps her pretend she won’t have the ardeur to contend with. BUT.

In a bit, the ardeur is going to be a problem, and a real one. She needs a super-natural partner for this – ideally a werewolf or a vampire. There’s also the fact that the longer she stays in wolf shape, the greater the chance she’ll actually retain something from it.

Anita is still busy with pack business and TJ and Tony's latest request, so she's likely to be spending a little more time at the library than usual. Otherwise, she and Lukas are still very snog-happy. She misses her former lovers and friends terribly, but at the same time, she's accepting that life goes on.

2011 (at the New Mansion)

The beginning of 2011 was marked for Anita under the sign of recovery - Brian Moser's abduction and torture, his attempts at rape and murder left Anita broken and rather unable to function normally for a while, even after Karla healed her. This however had the effect of bringing Henry Fitzroy and Lucivar Yaslana to both look after her and forced them to become civil to each other. In an unexpected twist, Lucivar and Anita declared their love for each other, Henry reluctantly agreed to share, and so did Lucivar. The uneasy menage a trois has been holding up acceptably so far, and Anita is well on the mend.

This was a good thing as it allowed Anita to be sufficiently put back together to resume her usual activities of shepherding broken boys, specifically introducing Melou and Riku in the hopes that they might become friends and getting to know Sam Winchester. Around the same period, Anita needed to stay strong to help Karla deal with Armand's disappearance, and rationalize Saetan's odd absence with Jaenelle.

2010 (at the New Mansion)

For a while, she was back to being sane, though intimacy still made her squirm. Then, she got Morgoth shoved down her throat and almost ate Robin Goodfellow. She successfully talked Henry out of detaining Paul, thus becoming his baby-sitter for a time.

After his rut, Anita's friendship with Lucivar Yaslana became complicated. Anita's life has been complexifying itself quite a bit - she's currently keeping an undercover eye on Curufin, which led to her sleeping with him a second time and feeding the ardeur while Henry was more or less ignoring/avoiding her. She still misses her now departed friend Lestat de Lioncourt. Due to the intensity of her feelings forLucivar, her relationship with Henry Fitzroy no longer healthy, while her her indiscretions with Clayton Danvers seem to be turning into a sort of friendship (with or without benefits, we're not sure). She seems to have lost touch with Sam Spade and misses him quite a bit.

Thankfully, Anita has a lot on her plate to keep her distracted from her problematic love life:

  • She's working with Adrian Ivashkov to help Lia and Max finally hook up in a dreamscape.
  • She's allied herself to Tsuzuki in order to eventually corner Muraki, whose presence she suspects is doing terrible things to Caliban Leandros.
  • She is rather concerned about Aramat's interests in being a coroner, and intends to ask Miles Edgeworth to help her in that particular task.
  • She's met Stark, whom she suspect will be an interesting addition to the Mansion, at the very least, Utena Tenjou, whom she finds intriguing and Light Yagami, who doesn't creep her out, but brings with him a very strange foreboding.

Through all this, Valen returning is a god-send, even if she realizes she has to start it all from scratch, and Medraut's return is turning out to be a rather pleasant reunion, if still full of childish snark.

Other interactions include:

Anita also resumed her excellent friendship with Valen, though he's still in the process of remembering things. She also befriended Natalie Goodman, her newest protege and trainee. Natalie and Valen joined their efforts to help Anita when she recklessly shifted and took on a gigantic rat, getting lethally wounded on Halloween night.

More recently, she met Brian Moser first as a child and later as an adult, with dramatic consequences the second time, as she got abducted, tortured, and was saved in extremis from rape and murder by Caliban's arrival, the ardeur and the Itzapapalotl power.

At the old Mansion

Upon her arrival at the Mansion, Anita met Sam Spade, Sally von Humpeding, Henry Fitzroy, Locke Lamora, Melou, and Nicolas de Lenfent, whom she suspects slept with Jean-Claude. Last but not least, she almost killed/got killed by Lucivar Yaslana, but more blood was prevented from being spilled by Jaenelle Angelline. Much discourse was had, and Anita eventually fainted from exhaustion after she and Jaenelle "touched souls". This had no long term impact on her metaphysical abilities. She also tried to prevent Caliban Leandros from killing himself, quite unsuccessfully, but gaining a much sought Browning in the process. This was the beginning of their epic friendship – one close enough to rival a sibling’s bond.

She and Sam Spade cleaned up after Cal's suicide, and the affair ended up in the unleashing of the ''ardeur''. They still sleep together on a regular basis. During a stake-out to figure out who was the ice-cream reaper, Henry Fitzroy happened on her - and he troubles her more than she likes to admit. After a lot of drama llama, including an epic argument where he promised never to Turn her, they seem to be very much in love, though Anita keeps dating Spade as well.

Anita's quest to find a decent training partner is apparently ongoing, but she has in the process struck a strange and unlikely friendship with Gareth, even though she does, indeed, think he is a dork at times. She does train early mornings with Lucivar Yaslana, who seems protective of her, which in turn disgruntles her, and kicks Caliban Leandros out of bed for training sessions once Lucivar is done with her. During a sleepless night, she also had an encounter with Mordred, where she actually threw him a punch. Whether this will lead to anything more is yet to be determined, but that knowledge does disturb Melou to no ends. She also has a steady friendship with Firekeeper – thank god.

The infamous duel
During the apple crackplot, she found Locke Lamora under a truth spell and found out his name - he also then asked her to witness a duel on his account against Cyrano de Bergerac. Much blood and drama later, she still thinks the whole thing was ridiculous. In the process she found out about Locke's relationship with Valen and now thinks he's gay – of course, Valen had to get adopted as well. The following morning, to prevent further possible deaths, she made Cyrano promise to duel her instead of Locke, should more insults come forth.

A wingless Lucivar
Why she had to witness Lucivar's madness 24 hours later on her way to Spade's (he had aspirin for Locke) and then go pull the Iztapapalotl trick out of her sleeve (with the assistance of Phèdre nò Delaunay is beyond the typist. The spell left her with completely black eyes, and drained out of her the remainder of her energies for a while.

Through all this drama, some relationships were strengthened, particularly her relationship with Sam Spade, whom she realizes she does love deeply, and who might well be returning her sentiment (though who knows, with him?), as he took a definite risk to help her feed the ardeur when it got out of control. A few days later, Henry Fitzroy confessed to Anita that he was in love with her, and though she's unable to admit it to him, she loves him back. However, very busy trying not to die, or preventing her friends from dying, for the moment, the love triangle situation remained un-addressed. She also seems to be on the way to a friendship with Alyosha who visited her the first time while she was sick. He’s really, really good for her. He’s sane. That’s nice.

Then… only shortly after Anita finally gave in and shifted to her were-leopard form, (oh, is that why she was sick? Stubborn girl), under the Cal into Darkling, which was very bad. He tried to kill Anita before she shot him, amongst other Bad Things. He came this close to dying and probably was dead, but Anita's blood did enough to keep him alive long enough for Jaenelle to heal him.

She also took care of Molly Seagrim while Phèdre nò Delaunay was taking care of Cal. OMG. Cal is was a total nervous wreck and Anita became very determined to address the Darkling situation with desperate measures if she must. This, however, does not include Cal dying. She considered getting help from John Constantine or Prior Philip. In the process she met Joe Abernathy - a welcome sane and normal person in her ever changing mad life. Last but not least, Anita patched up her friendship with Lucivar Yaslana. The silly Eyren was unaware of her illness, and thought she didn't like him anymore. Idiot. Hopefully, being crackplotted into an angsty teen to speak to the Kid!Lucivar will help. Right. Cal still being sick does not help - so she's trying to get people in, and convinced him to accept to see Joe Abernathy about his medical issues - she also saw him about her own, yet another pregnancy fear, but maybe it's just stress. It's not like she's been relaxing recently.

Henry and the Harkers
And there is no risk for the wicked, Henry Fitzroy went and fed on Mina Harker, Anita found out, got very angry, almost broke with him. She avoided Mina like the plague for a while - because she didn’t want to have to explain to her why she didn't kill her boyfriend, eventually they did have a chat, and it seems like maybe Mina is going to leave Henry be, which is nice. Sam Spade is still around - and she'll be crying on him - to cry about a man you love on another man you love.

Heh. Locke then managed to throw everything up (see his profile for what happened with Phedre) and in what is now called an epic fail, Anita got very angry at pretty much everyone, including Locke, and we're not sure that's not going to be very, very damaging to their already wobbling friendship.

In the process of that epic fail conversation, Anita, Henry and Phedre almost came to a happy Menage-a-trois situation, but then Locke provoked Henry into anger again, and Anita got jealous again, and now they're back to square one, with Anita in full denial mode, Henry sort of torn(ish), and Phedre heart broken for a while, but it’s getting better, we hear.

The love triangle situation with Sam Spade is however addressed, as Anita did finally mention it to Henry, something he’s also in denial mode about. So. In short, two love triangles, both more or less ignored by Anita and Henry, while Spade and Phedre sit back and relax.

Wolf Trouble
Thankfully, Morgoth showing up forced Anita to revise her priorities, and she’s talking to everyone again – even if she lost all trust in Phedre. Now more complications seem to arise with the arrival of Cal's friend, Robin Goodfellow, the evident menace of Draugluin lurking in the woods, and her last accidental (and awesome) shag with Clayton Danvers. She might also be getting a bit over her head with Mabon.

Awkward times
The POV crackplot also had several impacts on Anita, allowing her to get Locke to finally understand what he means to her, and also breaking up Locke, when he got accidentally shot by Phedre – his duct tape finally broke, and Anita had to pick him up. Unfortunately, though she won't be talking to Valen about that one, after an inconvenient promise to Locke to keep Valen out of his spazzing. It also seems that Locke and Anita, after a lot (and by a lot we mean A LOT) of talking and arguing and etc, have adopted each others as siblings. One more for the family card. Anita was also informed diligently by Robin Goodfellow during an awkward session with Cal that Lucivar Yaslana considers her as his sister. She also had some awkward with Niko Leandros. We have no idea where those two are standing.

And probably much to Henry's distress, she's still sleeping with Clay occasionally. Guilt, we know your name.

Raina's munin
The mansion suddenly became a ghost house - and Anita's own skeletons came out. Possessed by Raina, she did Bad Things to Cal, and drove Henry to doing Bad Things to her. Having gone beastly, Anita was promptly rescued by Karla after a confrontation with Jaenelle, and is now in tiny bits of vampire hunter, and hiding from pretty much everyone.

We anticipate much, much awkwardness with her loved ones when she gets back out of her shell.

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