Angelique Hubert Rougon

Name: Angélique Stark-Martell nee Rougon

Gender: Female

Age: 16 + 5

Fandom: Rougon-Macquart Novels

Journal: fairy_fingers

Typist: Wil

Quick Biography

After having been shifted from foster family to foster family, the orphan Angélique Marie (born in 1851) fled the Rabier family who beat her and abused her. She was adopted by a husband-and-wife team of ecclesiastic embroiderers in the cathedral town of Beaumont, 30 leagues from Paris.

She does not now this, having been pulled out of her canon at 16:
At age 18, her dream of love and happiness is realized when she falls in love with Félicien d'Hautecœur, the last in an old family of knights, heroes, and nobles in the service of Christ and of France. His father, the present Monseigneur, objects to their marrying for reasons of his own, and Angélique refuses to elope with Félicien without the father's consent. The Monseigneur agrees at last upon realizing Angélique's purity, beauty, and innocence. Leaving the church after the wedding, Angélique kisses Félicien for the first time and dies, having reached the extreme limits of earthly happiness and ecstatic in the realization of her dream.


"Leaning over the trestle, her blond hair falls loosely over her shoulder, and her violet eyes squint a little in the waning light. She has a graceful, swanlike neck and a delicate waist, but she doesn't know how beautiful she is." Her PB is Mina Suvari.


Angélique is enthralled by the tales of the saints and martyrs — particularly Saint Agnes and Saint George — as told in the Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine. Her dream is to be saved by a handsome prince and to live happily ever after, in the same way the virgin martyrs have their faiths tested on earth before being rescued and married to Jesus in heaven.

Furthermore, Angélique has a temper and experiences serious mood swings, becoming as passionate as any one of her relatives. Zola strongly implies that, without the upbringing by her adoptive parents and the influence of the cathedral and The Golden Legend, Angélique could easily have been fallen prey to her passions and ended up as a prostitute (like her cousin Nana).


  • Family: Pascal Rougon, her biological uncle, is around, though neither of them know of this relation. Oberyn Martell adopted her as his daughter after much negotiating. She considers 11-12 to be her big brother (which makes her 13-14.) Hubert and Hubertine, her adoptive parents in Beaumont. Ned Stark is her father-in-law. She also met M2, 11-12's mother, and we're not sure what that makes her, but they got on well enough. She also hasn't realized yet that she and Icarus are more or less adopted siblings, because of Oberyn's relationship with Phedre.
  • Lovers: Her husband Robb Stark!
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Ahahaa NO BODY.
  • Friends: Iphigenia, 11-12, Icarus, Gellert, Michelle Benjamin, Parsifal.
  • Enemies: None really so far, but her relationship with her mother-in-law Catelyn Tully-Stark can be quite strained at times.
  • Allies: She adopted Felix Harrowgate, much to his distress. He's trying to be a good 'uncle' though. She's met Favrielle and finds that she quite likes her - and will be getting help from her for wedding preparations. Despite his reservations about his son's choice, Eddard Stark wouldn't let anything bad happen to her either - if it were in his power.
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): through her adoption and marriage, the Westerosis. By cultural origins, Victorians and French people in general.

RP Canon

At the Other Mansion

<span class+"wiki_link_new">Jaime Lannister</span> taught her to spar when she was boyified, but they parted on terrible terms after she found out what he did to Bran Stark. Karla has interfered in an argument with Robb, which surprisingly made Angelique very angry at Karla and much less angry at Robb, She is well on the way to despising Sandor Clegane, though their interactions are becoming more civil, which surprises everyone. She also had a brief encounter with Melisande Shahrizai, which went better than we might have expected.

The New Mansion in 2010

Winter: During a bad snowstorm, Angelique got very ill and was cared for by friends and family. It was Maeglin who saved her, but she doesn't know that yet - thinking it was Robb who had done so, in a half-confused haze, she murmured loving words, which pushed Maeglin to extreme actions (and considering suicide.) We hope time will heal their friendship.

Spring: Now better, she's resumed her regular activities, that is, embroidering shirts for Robb, arguing with Sandor, and greeting new people, such as Favrielle. She's also met Parsifal and fainted when she realized she was talking to one of the Grail knights. This meeting was however very helpful as Parsifal agreed to officiate Angelique and Robb's wedding, and asked Angelique to prepare vestments for the religious offices (which is what she was trained to do by Master Hubert, convenient.)

Summer: After he left and came back, Angelique considers 11-12 to be her big brother (which makes her 13-14.) She's also met Gellert Grindelwald, and isn't sure what she thinks of him. She witnessed their meeting, which led to Gellert being amused, 11-12 being pissed off, and Angelique being confused.

Fall: Angelique has been informed of 11-12's idyll with Bridget. She is very very happy for them, but has yet to meet Bridget.

In the wake of Idril's arrival, has worked very hard to keep Maeglin in one piece, mostly by sheer virtue of her own faith. She also got very angry at Gellert for taking 11-12's appearance, though one can foresee that she will forgive him eventually.

As of October 26th, Angelique is now Lady Angelique Stark. The wedding ceremony was performed by Sir Parsifal. Angelique and Robb were ridiculously bouncy throughout the whole thing, much to Oberyn and Phedre's amusement. She also met Ilse Neumann for the first time that day.

Winter (the end of 2010): Now Lady Stark, Angelique is a bit less conspicuous. She hasn't discovered Favrielle's disappearance yet, but has had a chance to make peace with Gellert and to meet Bridget on Christmas eve.

2013 update:
Angélique has a lot of private drama going on – her husband came back without any memories of their marriage, and the previous Robb seems to have left her with a precious present, without knowing. Unbeknowst to both of them, she was pregnant before Robb disappeared. It took them a while to re-learn each other, but they are now a family, with the latest addition, Gabriel Etienne Stark, born September 5th 2013. There is still drama in their lives, though, what with her and Catelyn coming to a head as Angelique is gradually becoming more independent.

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