Name: Angel

Gender: male

Age: 279

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel the Series



Quick Biography

Angel was born Liam in Ireland (Galway, specifically) way back in the day. He had one sister. As Liam, he was a bit of (a lot of?) a lout, and spend most of his time getting totally wasted and/or totally laid. His father really didn't like this, and considered him a disappointment and kind of a waste of space. Eventually, Liam left the house, declaring that he would make something of himself. In 1753 he was spotted by Darla, a vampire sired by the Master a while ago herself, who took a fancy to this drunken (handsome!) layabout. She turned him in a back alley and thus began a long and illustrious hundred years of killing lots and lots of people.

…and we mean lots. Starting with, apparently, his entire home village, ending with his father. During this period of time, he was dubbed the Scourge of Europe and became known as one of the worst, most sadistic vampires of all time. This was also the period of time when he took his new name - Angelus, partly because of his sister Kathy, who invited him into her home on the basis of thinking that he had come back an angel. Also because he has a nice face. He also turned a number of others into vampires, notably Drusilla (who he first drove insane) who then turned Spike (who Angel mentored and basically raised).

In 1898, however, things came to an end and the party was thoroughly crashed when Darla brought Angel a gypsy girl as a present. Her tribe cursed Angel with his human soul that he had lost when he became a vampire. This was a Bad Thing and very nearly drove Angel completely insane with guilt for his hundred years of killing people in Very Nasty Ways. He attempted to reunite with his Old Gang but was unable to due to his guilt and remorse disgusting Darla. He ended up in America eventually, and spend most of the century in various states of isolation and apathy, until a demon named Whistler turned up and invited Angel to have a Purpose: namely, to help the newly called Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer.

He actually went for this pretty quickly.

However, it all goes a bit sideways when Angel falls thoroughly in love with Buffy and Buffy falls thoroughly in love with Angel and, long story short, they get horizontal and in a single moment of pure happiness, Angel loses his soul. Whoops.

Bad things happen, culminating in Angel being sent to Hell. (He comes back.) More bad things happen, culminating in Angel leaving Sunnydale (and Buffy) for good, in hopes that she can have a Normal Life. Now stationed in Los Angeles, he continued his work of saving people hunting things and stuff in the big city, on his own, though eventually joined by a team of Awesome People.

And we'll leave off there. They do lots of things, but there are other places you can read about that. It is, however, probably important to note that at the point Angel is taken from, the Awesome People are pretty much dead and the survivors are on a suicide mission to stop The Apocalypse.

Physical Abilities

To answer the given question, yes, he probably could defeat a bull bare-handed. Angel is a fairly old vampire (for his verse), and has all the super strength and speed of a standard vampire along with years of fighting training and ruthless killing sprees. Also has teeth. Can bite. Though he won't. That face is just for scaring people. Knows at least a few forms of martial arts. Can't be killed except by a stake through the heart or beheading, and stands up pretty well to pain, though taking serious wounds will put him out of commission for a while until he can heal (faster than people, but for serious wounds still takes some time).

Superhuman Abilities

The physical abilities probably fall under this category. Also the sucking blood abilities (he really won't, though). Pretty much, any physical ability, amplified. And a very, very good sense of smell.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

We'll give him a battle-axe.


Tall, dark, and brooding. And nice to look at. Pretty damn broad-shouldered and muscle-y, 6'1". Could be fairly accurately described as hulking in a lot of circumstances. Not one of those tall and lanky guys the typist likes so much; considerably more built. Dark brown eyes non-ironically describable as 'soulful.' And skillfully gelled hair. Though he would probably swear inside out that it just does that. (For all we know, maybe it does. He is a vampire.) Has a tattoo on his back (shoulder blade). Generally monochromatic clothing on the black end of things and a long coat that is expressly for dramatic billowing. Runs cold and has no heartbeat.


Angel is kind of by turns emo, a bastard, or hilariously awkward. Also honorable almost to a fault. He has a guilt complex the size of New Jersey, possibly bigger, and also a bit of a martyr complex. He helps people compulsively to some degree, to assuage his guilt and also because it is kind of his Purpose In Life. On the other hand, Angel can be self-absorbed, mostly in the sense that he does things without really consulting anyone because he thinks they are for the best. And sometimes he's right, but it usually ends up hurting people anyways, which could probably be avoided. Has a tendency to be a little too cryptic, we're not sure why. A little bit socially awkward in normal situations; does best when there is someone in distress he can save. Making conversation is a bit more of a challenge. Also, Angel can be moodier than moody, and can be a bit of a downer sometimes. When he's in a bad mood, it's wholeheartedly. Angel has suffered a lot of loss in his life, and can get growly and overprotective when he decides someone wants looking after. He is also a stubborn, stubborn ass. Over time, he's become a great deal more cynical and jaded about things in general, and the world in particular, as well as his place in it.


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