Name: Andros

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Fandom: Power Rangers In Space

Journal: lets_rocket


Quick Biography

Andros was born and raised on the human colony of KO-35, where he became the Red Space Ranger. Like other natives of the colony, he has the power of Telekinesis. He had a younger sister named Karone who was kidnapped when they were young children. After becoming the Red Ranger the colony was attacked and nearly destroyed, most of the other rangers were killed and the Silver Ranger, his best friend Zhane, was badly injured and had to be put into cryogenic suspension to heal. Alone and seeking revenge aboard his Astro Megaship, he encountered the former Turbo Rangers from earth on their search for the missing Zordon, and after some misunderstanding and distrust eventually gave them the other Astro Morphers to make them Space Rangers. Zhane's cryo capsule was accidentally breeched in a battle soon after, reviving him. Together they fought Dark Spectre, led by the dark princess Astronema, who was later discovered to be his long-missing sister Karone. In the process Andros became close to and started dating Yellow Ranger Ashley. In a final confrontation, Andros snuck aboard Dark Spectre's ship, discovering Zordon and after a direct order from him and much hesitation Andros broke the Zordon's tube. While this killed Zordon, it released a wave of positive energy that stopped the army attacking earth and freed Karone from brainwashing. He and his sister were united and decided to join their friends on Earth, at least for a time.


Andros is of adverage height, good looking, with shoulder-length hair that's distinctly striped brown and blond and a vaguely military bearing because he was trained rather than just being recruited as a "teenager with attitude."


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  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not): Power Rangers (Space Rangers))

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