American Horror Story
  • Ryan Murphy
  • Brad Falchuk


  • Connie Briton
  • Dylan McDermott
  • Taissa Farmiga
  • Jessica Lange
  • Evan Peters
  • Frances Conroy
  • Alexandra Breckenridge
  • Denis O'Hare


  • Vivien Harmon
  • Ben Harmon
  • Violet Harmon
  • Constance Langdon
  • Tate Langdon
  • Moira O'Hara
  • Young Moira
  • Larry Harvey

Brief Summary

American Horror Story follows the Harmon family, Ben, Vivien and Violet, who move from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien has a miscarriage and Ben has an affair with one of his students. The family moves to a decrepit mansion, unaware that the once noble home is haunted. Ben and Vivien try to rekindle their relationship while Violet suffers from depression.

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