Name: Amrod (Pityafinwe/Pityo) and Amras (Telufinwe/Telvo); collectively (or individually): Ambarussa

Gender: Male

Age: Old. They're Elves.

Fandom: Silmarillion

Journal: time_willdecide

Typist: Meg

Quick Canon Biography

The twin (and youngest) sons of Feanor and Nerdanel, who, together with their 5 older brothers (Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir and Curufin) took the Oath of Feanor. They are easily recognized by their red hair (which they got from their mother and share with their eldest brother). Following the First Kinslaying at Alqualonde, Telufinwe the younger had second thoughts and slept aboard one of the stolen swan ships after making port at Losgar, when all the others had disembarked. That night, Feanaro his father set fire to the ships to prevent them from being sent back to aid the followers of the sons of Indis. In the morning, Pityafinwe the elder twin asked his father if he had seen Telvo, and his father realized that he had burned that ship first. Thus the prophecy in the second mother name, Umbarto (The Fated) was fulfilled. Which twin the name actually belongs to is anyone's guess, Telvo is referred to that way but Pityo's Sindarin name (Amrod) is actually the Sindarin version of Ambarto, to which Feanaro had changed the name Umbarto. Yay Tolkien. The surviving twin declared that his father had become fey and fell and none spoke more on the matter. He ruled the land east of Doriath and west of Ossiriand, south of his brothers. He rarely came north, but did fight in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears and the Kinslayings at Doriath and at Sirion, where he was slain. Telvo was killed in the blaze.
Personal Canon: There'd been a bit of an argument between the twins the day before the burning of the ships, a rare occurrence but it happens from time to time. Telvo was sickened by the events of the kinslaying and wanted to turn back, beg mercy from the Valar and forgiveness from those left at Alqualonde. Pityo wasn't happy about what had happened either but he argued that they should continue on with their father and brothers. That night Pityo went ashore with the rest while Telvo slept aboard the ship. They were going to come to a decision together in the morning, Pityo was already beginning to lean towards going along with Telvo and returning home, but that night Feanaro burned the ships.


Tall, dark red hair, pointy ears, completely identical.


While both lived, they were as alike in manner as they are in face. Both twins are generally cheerful and outgoing. Telvo the younger is a bit more open and friendly, while Pityo can be a bit harsher, colder, more closed. The differences are usually very minor, but the loss of his twin did leave a definite mark on Pityo. Both twins really have a bit of separation anxiety, but it's stronger in Pityo. The loss of Telvo was shattering to him and he never did fully forgive their father for the events at Losgar. By the time of his death at Sirion Pityo was at least as mad and Oath-driven as any of his brothers and probably died because he was taking foolish risks in battle, having no real will to continue on without his other half, and it finally caught up to him. Now, though, Daddyangst aside, they're surprisingly cheerful and sane for Feanorians. This is probably because Telvo missed most of the crazy and his existence does a lot to ground his potentially crazier older twin.


RP Canon

Entered: Sep. 8th, 2007
Thus far, they've been reunited with their biggest brother, met their new younger(!) adopted brother Armand St. Just, and been turned into a pair of Irish Setters.

In time they were reunited with Celegorm, and Caranthir and lost track of Maedhros and Maglor. After a rather tumultuous initial meeting with Lucivar Yaslana the three somehow became very close friends, and the twins ended up adopted by him as little brothers.

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