Name: Alphonse, aka. Al.

Gender: Male.

Age: Fourteen.

Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist (2003)

Journal: aru_iru

Typist: Souji

Quick Biography

Alphonse was born the second child of the Elric family, his older brother Edward being the first born. Their father left shortly after their birth, and when the boys were 8 and 9 respectively, their mother passed away after a long illness.

In grief and pain, the two boys decide to become alchemists and bring her back using that great taboo, Human Transmutation. They attempt it when they're 10 and 11.

They fail.

Edward loses his left leg and Al his whole body. In a desperate attempt to keep Al with him, Edward gives up his right arm to bind Al's soul to a suit of armor(the only thing around at the time that he could bind him to)with a special seal made in his blood. The two realize the horrible mistake they've made, but they also wish to regain that which they've lost so they embark on a journey to become full-fledged alchemists and get back their full bodies using the legendary Philosopher's Stone.


A seven foot, two inch tall suit of armor. No, really. Please see image on his journal profile.


Sweet and polite to a fault, Alphonse is a pacifist who loathes war and fighting, but will not hesitate to get his hands dirty if it means he can save someone. A bit naive and childlike (which isn't surprising since he's frozen at the age of ten) at times, he tries to see the good in everyone and is a follower of 'turn the other cheek'. Of course, his appearance leads people to assume he must be the famed 'Full-Metal Alchemist', which is his brother's title, and he usually winds up getting a lot of aggression thrown his way.
Ah, and he has a weak-spot for strays, particularly feline ones…


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