Alice (Superjail)

Name: Alice

Gender: Was born a male, but now is female

Age: We aren't sure, typist might go for early to mid thirties or so?

Fandom: Superjail!



Quick Biography

Alice was born as 'Al', a hyper-masculine, very competent, and extremely brutal prison guard. He worked at an average prison. Despite the front he put on, he always wanted to be a woman. A want intensified by his crush on her boss.

One day, Al came to work as Alice and was about to admit her feelings for her boss. Until she found him in the act with an inmate. Shocked by her new appearance, he immediately fired her. Crushed by the rejection and losing her job, Alice sat in her car and has about to cry. Until a spaceship landed and The Warden of Superjail came out. He had heard about Alice's reputation as a BAMF among the prison guards and offered her a position at Superjail. (He also thought she was gorgeous, and was completely sincere about it.)

She took the job and nothing really changed except certain habits, pronouns, and the things she faces everyday.

Physical Abilities

If you're a normal puppet, and not all that that well-versed in a fight, it's best not to tussle with her. Really. Years of kicking hardened convict ass will do that for you.

Superhuman Abilities

Strong, INCREDIBLY STRONG. (Leading to the theory that Superjail can also tinker with the physical abilities of relatively normal people.) It might get cut a bit in the mansion, but her prowess still can't be denied.

Unusual or Magical Possessions



Hulking…with boobs. At least six feet tall, very muscular. Has very red hair she keeps tied in a ponytail most of the time. Proudly wears lipstick and a beauty-mark on her square, mannish face. Always wears a pair of red framed sunglasses with pink lenses, so we aren't sure what her eyes look like. Normally wears her guard uniform which consists of a short-sleeved light blue shirt, a navy blue skirt, white knee-socks, and black shoes.


Alice is a woman of very few words and has very little fears. She's keeps a coolhead in most situations and is almost completely unflappable. (It's trait one NEEDS in the crazy, crazy world of Superjail.) One can guess that she's not as invested in Superjail as the other staff members, due to her calmness and 'just go with it' attitude.

Of course that is far from the truth.

Although she hides it, she loves and protects Superjail with all of her ability since it's the only place she can work at and is respected. Despite obviously not completing the transition yet, Alice is proud and very, very confident in herself. She identifies as purely a female. (And if you DARE say otherwise or call her demeaning names, you BETTER run.) She also has a desire to be a mother one day, and is really great with kids.


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RP Canon

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