Alice (Miniseries)


  • Nick Willing


  • Caterina Scorsone
  • Andrew Lee Potts
  • Matt Frewer
  • Philip Winchester


  • Alice
  • Hatter
  • The White Knight
  • Jack Heart

Brief Summary

150 years ago, a young girl named Alice stumbled down a rabbit hole and brought down a whole house of cards, in modern times Alice of Legend is still well remembered.

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Alice who lived with her mother in a big city and taught karate part time. Alice was in love with Jack Chase, an attractive young man in one of her classes who she brought home to meet her mother. At the end of the evening he tried to give her a beautiful but antique and valuable ring. She tried to refuse it, but he hid it in her coat pocket before leaving in a hurry. When Alice found the ring she ran after Jack to make him take it back, but only arrived in time to see men pulling him through a mysterious mirror. Frightened and concerned for her boyfriend, Alice followed them into another world…

…That's about where it stops being passable as a children's story.

After a narrow escape Alice runs into the Ratcatcher, who agrees to take the "oyster" to someone who could help her free her boyfriend. He leads her to a Tea Shop and introduces her to the Hatter, so called he claims because he's there whenever anyone "passes the hat." A philanthropist you see. A fine, upstanding citizen…who happens to have ties to the resistance and agrees to help the "pretty young woman in a very wet dress" retrieve her boyfriend from the Happy Hearts casino where "Oysters," people from outside Wonderland, are imprisoned and drained of their emotions. These emotions are sold throughout Wonderland to the people who live there, because they can't truely experience them on their own. His tea shop is one of the places that sells the distilled emotions to the highest bidder.

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