Alcuin nò Delaunay

Name: Alcuin nò Delaunay

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Fandom: Kushiel's Legacy



Quick Biography

Orphaned as a child after Skaldi raiders killed his parents, he was adopted by Anafiel Delaunay and raised to be a Servant of Namaah, a very high class prostitute with religious and societal respect in Terre d'Ange, and also a spy, in order to serve Delaunay's purposes.
Alcuin ended up hating his life as a prostitute, but hid this from Delaunay so that he could ferret out some information Delaunay wanted. This self-sacrificing stupidity nearly got him killed, and it did get his bodyguard killed.

Physical Abilities

Willowy and graceful, he has some training at tumbling, and much more training at sex. He's also got a bit of self-defense, but his lessons were incomplete and he's resistant to learning anything but defense.

Superhuman Abilities

… he's really, really pretty.

Unusual or Magical Possessions

Two Cassiline daggers that he almost always wears at his hips.


Alcuin has an 'otherworldly' type of beauty, and is considered quite rare and stunning even among D'Angelines (which is saying something). His hair, which falls straight and silken down his back, is as white as milk, yet his eyes are as dark and lustrous. He's about 5'8", and currently about 24. His back is covered by a tattooed marque the length of his spine.
Represented by Andrej Pejic.


Sweet, soft-spoken and unselfish to an extreme, Alcuin lives to serve. In canon, there's a line that the guests would drink more wine so that Alcuin would refill their glasses, just to see the pleasure of serving light up his eyes. Alcuin will generally put the happiness of people he cares about first, then the happiness of random strangers, then his own happiness last. An idealist and optimist to a fault, he believes that all problems can be solved and no one is past saving, which sometimes leads to him meddling in things that aren't his business because he's convinced that everything can be fixed, and if someone's hurt or upset he has to fix that. Usually this involves plying them with tea and baked goods, but if someone hurt a character's feelings he will go gently scold the perpetrator and attempt to turn them to a path of being nice (also by plying them with tea and baked goods).
He's extremely intelligent, well-read, and multi-lingual. Spends his days reading books and baking (the latter is a behavior he picked up while at DF, in order to give himself an opportunity to serve).


He has particular affinities with (in no particular order) Aramat Drawdes, Stiles Stilinski (receiving tutoring), Brienne of Tarth (intermittent unofficial bodyguard), Jack Harkness, Icarus (brother-ish via convoluted foster family bonds), L Lawliet (approved stalker), River Tam, Iphigenia (receiving covertcy lessons)

  • Persons looked upon with wary disapproval: Gawain, Zhane, and the Warden
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon

I'm a DF-er from the very early days, and Alcuin was my first and my last character, so I do have some DF canon with him that I will be playing. The first part of which being that Alcuin bakes obsessively (he didn't know how to cook in the book-canon). He learned it in the early days because he likes being able to serve people. Tea and muffins are now an integral part of his personality. Second, I play an Alcuin who's more relaxed about his sexuality. He still loves Delaunay, but then married Haldir of Lorien, and later warmed to his d'Angeline nature. His past loves are sacred, and he still has some deep psychological scars from bad experiences as a Servant of Namaah, but as long as he's able to choose his own partners, he is comfortable with casual sex and being mildly polyamorous. He remembers times in DF, but he understands and accepts the nature of the mansion—people come and go, and memory is fluid.

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