Albert Herrera

Name: Albert Herrera (formerly Albert de Morcerf)

Gender: male

Age: 16 (b. 29 August 5037)

Fandom: Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo



Quick Biography

Albert Herrera was born Viscount Albert de Morcerf, the son of General Fernand de Morcerf and his beautiful wife, Mercedes. He grew up in privilege with his best friend, Franz d'Epinay at his side. From a young age, he was engaged to marry Eugenie Danglars. He, Franz and Eugenie used to be inseparable playmates, but as they grew older impending adulthood and adult feelings got in the way.

By the time Albert accompanies Franz on a trip around the solar system, ending with a visit to Luna during Carnival, Albert is completely dissatisfied with his life, his friends, his family and himself. He wants something thrilling to sweep him off his feet and give him something to believe in. That's when he meet the Count of Monte Cristo.

He is completely ignorant of the Count's plans for revenge. His young heart swells with adoration of the suave and handsome Count. Despite Franz's protests, he allows himself to be drawn into the Count's company. Even a kidnapping and close encounter with torture doesn't sway his belief that the Count is the very thing he's been looking for to enliven his life.

He introduces the Count into Parisian society, and it unfolds from there. Step by step, the Count leads Albert through a series of actions that bring out his worst traits: his temper, his ridiculous pride of being noble born, and his willful nature. The Count even exploits Albert's natural loyalty and love for his parents. Even as others learn of it, Albert remains blind to the Count's steps to destroy the families of the men who betrayed him to imprisonment so long ago.

It isn't until the Count targets Albert's own father, the worst of the traitors in the Count's mind because Fernand, who was only Fernand Mondego in those days, married the woman the Count loved, Mercedes, that Albert realizes the Count's ill will. His every action with Albert was only to tarnish and eventually destroy this living example of Mercedes's acquiescence to the betrayal. Albert's innocence only made him even more unbearable to the Count. When General Morcerf is discredited and has to decide between fleeing to obscurity in exile or a coup, Albert, in his anger over how the Count used him, challenges the Count to a public duel.

Mercedes's pleas cannot save her son. Albert has played right into the Count's hand. Franz, who has loved Albert as more than a friend since they were children, decides to sacrifice himself to save Albert. The night before the duel, scheduled for dawn on Albert's 16th birthday, Franz drugs Albert so he'll oversleep and takes his place in the duel. The fight is in mecha armor, so his ruse is successful until Albert, finally awakening, rushes to try to save Franz. It's too late.

With Franz dead and his position as a noble revoked, Albert plans to leave Paris, abandoning his family and name. He isn't allowed to leave so Albert helps his former fiancee, Eugenie, escape a marriage to another pawn of the Count's and sends her off to America. He needs to speak to the Count one last time, but his father starts his coup. Fernand shoots Mercedes and Albert, and believing them dead, means to kill himself, but decides that he too, needs to confront the Count, his former friend that he betrayed.

Albert and Mercedes are not dead. The Count's men, acting on their own, save them both. Fernand and the Count fight, but the battle is to a draw, ending with both men holding someone precious to the other hostage. Fernand holds a gun to the head of Haydee, the Count's dearest servant, and the Count's men threaten to shoot Albert. Even when Fernand gives up, not wishing to see his only son murdered before his eyes, the Count tries to shoot the boy. One of his own men takes the bullet instead, and Albert, still trying desperately to find something to save in the man he used to adore so much, runs to the Count and hugs him, kissing his cheek. This undoes the evil being that has been possessing the Count and feeding his desire for revenge. The Count dies. Fernand stays behind, and Albert and the Count's servants steal away to safety.

Albert intends to leave Earth and get an education out in space. He ends up at the Mansion instead.

Physical Abilities

Albert is a pretty normal teenaged boy. He can fence, shoot, ride a horse and drive a motorcycle. He also shows some aptitude with mechanical repair.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions



Albert is still growing. He appears to be about 5'7 or 5'8 or so, likely growing to just under 6' feet by the time he's 20. He has untidy, short brown hair and blue eyes. He has a small mole to the side of his left eye. He's somewhat stocky, heralding that he'll grow up to be quite broad shouldered. His taste in clothes tends toward mismatched bright patterns. Possibly this is just the noble fashion of his time period. When he's 20, he uses reading glasses, so it's possible he's slightly near-sighted.


Albert has a quick temper and very touchy pride. He isn't prone to serious violence usually, but he'll resort to his fists much like a child who is trying to show off how tough he is would. He believes very strongly in fate and wants most to be in control of his own destiny. His loyalties, once formed, are very strong, but he's easily deceived into giving that loyalty to the wrong place or being completely tricked altogether. He's been spoiled all his life, but remains genuinely innocent and good-natured.


  • Family: Fernand and Mercedes de Morcerf
  • Lovers: Eugenie Danglars
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Peppo
  • Friends: Franz d'Epinay, Kazutaka Muraki, Titus Groan
  • Enemies: Melou
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

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