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Alabaster is a series of 5 short stories revolving around a 13 year old albino named Darcy Flammarion (who an earlier novel, Threshold was about) who treks the backwoods of Georgia slaying monsters while being guided by an "angel". "Les Fleurs Empoisonnees" deals with Darcy meeting a society of mad Southern Women who happen to be vivisectionists. "The Well of Stars and Shadow" is about Darcy's first time killing a monster. "Waycross" is about Dancy meeting the Gynander, a howling beast who disguises itself in the crinkled skins of its victims. "Bainbridge" is about the far-reaching ramifications of Darcy's efforts to exorcise an ancient evil infesting an abandoned church including a brief flashback to Darcy's mother and her attempts to drown herself in Pensacola beach . And "Alabaster" is a meeting between the young monster slayer and a strange monster with three woman heads.

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