Name: AJ

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Random Fun Facts:

  • Roleplaying online since the age of 14
  • Played the violin for nine years, viola for six
  • Currently a sous chef at a local high-end retirement community
  • Notoriously bad about picking up other peoples' writing styles and bad habits INCLUDING CAPS and emoticons q=oD
  • Wordcount of the Gods. Look out for that shit.
  • Also notoriously bad about collecting characters. Only the two for right now, but stay tuned.
  • Used to play the very much loved Dean Winchester and Brett Ceski.

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Shameless Fellow Typist Love

- Wil is here to say that AJ is always willing to plot, very cooperative, a lovely (and proliferating) writer, and it's a joy to have her around. <3 <3 <3

~ Shar thnks AJ is made of awesome, and loves her characters and her mega-tags so much! <3 <3

Nara thinks that AJ writes a fantastic Dean Winchester, and very much looks forward to playing with her, Dean, and any other characters who may come along.

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