Name: Agron

Gender: M

Age: Late 20s.

Fandom: Spartacus

Journal: gladiatoragron

Typist: Shar


Quick Biography

Agron, along with his brother Duro, are bought from the slave market by Batiatus for 100 denarii along with four others. He is one of the stronger gladiators in Batiatus' Ludus, able to withstand Crixus himself, as seen when he fights with him to defend his brother. Agron is also a fast learner in the Ludus, and shows a strong fighting sense in combat, making him the better of the two brothers in gladiator training. However, he often finds himself saving his brother from certain death in and out of the arena and wishes that Duro would learn to fend for himself.

He spars with Spartacus on occasion, moreso following the death of Varro, and both Agron and his brother befriend the champion. Agron and Duro ally themselves with Spartacus when he plans vengeance, after having enough of the mistreatment from the guards in the ludus. On the day of revolt, Agron and Duro fearlessly face the guards, and Agron is proud to see his brother defeat many of them. The two pause a moment to meet, when a guard lunges at Agron from the back. Duro pushes his brother to safety and receives the blade himself. Agron decapitates the guard, but Duro dies in Agron's arms. After the massacre, Agron leaves the ludus free with the rest of the gladiators and slaves.

In the time after, next to Crixus, Agron is one of the top generals of the rebel group that Spartacus now commands. He accompanies Spartacus on missions and fights mercilessly against the Romans. He is often at odds with Crixus, whom many of the Gauls follow.

He was a soldier back home, and he's now a gladiator and a soldier. He'll admit that all he knows is fighting and blood. He's committed to freeing slaves from Roman hands, and builds relationships with the other rebels, particularly Nasir, with whom he forms a romantic bond.

Agron is a major part of every battle in the series, and a loyal general to Spartacus. Even when he doesn't agree with the rebel leader, he speaks his peace on his views, but ultimately accepts Spartacus' decisions.

(It's important to note that while the series is a fictionalized account of historical events, and many of the characters are from Roman history, Agron's character is purely fictional.)

Physical Abilities

Knowing only blood and battle his whole life, Agron is a warrior first and foremost and willing to fight until the very end if need be. His combat prowess is great. Following his training as a gladiator, Agron grows to become an extremely formidable warrior. He shows impressive ability in using a sword and shield, dagger, single-sword as well in the ability to use a spear to his advantage. His skills in unarmed combat also allow him to take on stronger opponents for a time. Despite being impulsive in his actions, Agron's fierceness on the field of battle is his truest weapon that allows him to take victory against his enemies and shows just what kind, and how skilled, of a warrior he is.

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions




Agron is taller than average with a strong build, short brown hair and consistent dark stubble. Throughout Blood and Sand his hair is slightly dreaded and kept back. During the rebellion he keeps his hair shorter, similar to Spartacus, and wears similar makeshift clothing.

During the events of War of the Damned, Agron has taken to wearing a set of makeshift armor, fitted for him to appear unique on the field of battle and noticeable as one of the rebel leaders. PB is Daniel Feuerriegel.


Agron is also known for sarcastic humor, alongside his brother Duro. Agron had a strong bond with his brother, and because of that he always felt the need to protect him. After Duro dies, Agron seeks Vengeance with a thirst for Roman blood. Although that thirst and fire still burns, he has shown a softer, gentler side when he is around Nasir and holds a strong friendship with Spartacus, as the two evolve into becoming one another best friend and hold one another as brothers.

While he is friendly and cheerful among those he considers his friend, he is also very aggressive and merciless towards those he considers his enemies, regardless if they pose a real threat or not. While Agron does possess leadership capabilities, his aggressive nature leads him to make impulsive decisions which puts him into many confrontations.



  • Family: Brother, Duro. (canon)
  • Lovers: Nasir (canon)
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