Name: Sir Agravain of Orkney

Gender: Male

Age: …not that young but not too old, either? Let's just pretend that makes sense.

Fandom: Arthurian Legend

Journal: asshatoforkney

Typist: momentsplinter

Quick Biography

Agravain is the son of King Lot of Orkney and his wife Morgause, and also King Arthur's nephew. He became a knight of the Round Table and spent a lot of time hanging out at Arthur's court, or on ~adventures~, often in the company of his brother and BFF, Medraut. He participated in the murders of a few knights, namely Lamorak and Dinadan, and that other fellow he and Gaheris killed for saying Lancelot was a better knight than Gawain. He also married a woman named Laurel, and got pwned a lot at tournaments.

Later he teamed up with Medraut to expose Guinevere and Lancelot's affair. They took a number of knights with them, and caught Lancelot in the queen's chamber. Agravain and most of the rest of the knights were killed by Lancelot as he escaped.

Physical Abilities

~Trained in arms~

Superhuman Abilities


Unusual or Magical Possessions

A sword and some damaged armour (thanks for that, Lancelot :|)


Fairly tall, big and boofy (uses this to his advantage when squishing a certain little brother). Dark hair, brown eyes, and usually something of a beard.


Agravain is a very extroverted fellow, though whether or not he could be considered friendly is another thing. He likes to deliberately piss people off, for the lulz. Basically, he's an IRL troll. If you're in pain he may well stand and laugh at you, and he's also rather fond of juvenile insults. (His typist would like to apologise for his behaviour in advance). He also talks a lot, and can be very loud when he wants to be. He likes the company of others, though whether or not others like his company is another thing.

Not exactly a noble knight (what with all the murders of good knights and such). Has a rather fearsome temper, though he doesn't lose it over small things (insults just make him laugh). When he gets angry, he gets really angry, and might grab you by the throat, or kill you, or something nasty like that. He also has a talent for bearing grudges against people he doesn't like.


  • Family: Gawain and Medraut (brothers), Melou and Gingalain (nephews)
  • Lovers:
  • Score card (People they snogged without dating): Inès Serrano, Jack Harkness
  • Friends: Ryuk. Gets along alright with Hisoka Kurosaki and Dean Winchester, though he doesn't really consider them to be friends. And since he's busy chopping up Sam Winchester, Dean isn't going to like him for very much longer ^^
  • Enemies: …where to begin. He hates Guinevere with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, though "victim" might be a better word than "enemy". He attacked her once and incurred the wrath of Sebastian and Malcolm Reynolds. Tristan doesn't like him much, either, and so neither does Iskierka. Feanor hates him too. Dean Winchester will probably kick his ass once he finds out about Aggy attacking his little brother, and Sam Winchester doesn't really seem to appreciate that Agravain is cutting him up with his sword.
  • Allies:
  • Affiliations (to a particular group, of origin, or not):

RP Canon

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