Adrian Ivashkov

Name: Adrian Ivashkov

Gender: Male

Age: 22 (book canon); 23 (personal canon)

Fandom: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Journal: livejournal


Quick Biography

Adrian Ivashkov is a Moroi of royal blood, a member of the 12 royal Moroi families present in the VA-verse. He is the only great-nephew of the current reigning Queen, Tatiana Ivashkov. The only other family members mentioned in the books are his father (Nathan) and one of his grandmothers.

All Moroi have magic, some being stronger than others. All of them are quite good at compulsion, particularly inflicted on human beings. Therefore, they can persuade people to do their bidding. Each Moroi specializes sooner or later in one of the four elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water); some, however, like Adrian, his 'cousin' Vasilisa Dragomir or a woman named Oksana, never do. They work with spirit instead.

Wielding spirit-magic gives Adrian the ability to walk in people's dreams and communicate with them in this way. His compulsion is extremely strong, and he also trained with his 'cousin' in the arts of healing. He didn't get very far with that.

Spirit magic has devastating effects on a Moroi's inner self. Adrian is a heavy drinker and a chain-smoker, trying to counterpart the price his soul has to pay each time when he uses his magic. Therefore, he is often subject to moods, odd behaviour, or self-destructive tendencies.

Up to the 4th book, Adrian discovered he was a spirit-wielder; trained with Vasilisa; helped the main character, Rose Hathaway, with money so that she could go searching for her former lover, presently turned into a Strigoi. He developed a sincere crush on Rose, a crush she didn't return, making him probably more bitter than his composed, ironic facade allowed to transpire.

Moroi are alive, as opposed to Strigoi, who are undead. They need a daily small quantity of blood to survive, which they take from willing humans called feeders. Moroi saliva contains endorphins that can make humans addicted.


Adrian is tall and lean (6'2 - 6'4); all Moroi are generally slender and quite pale. His eyes are deep-green and his hair is brown, usually described as 'styled so that it looks messy'.

His wardrobe is expensive; usually he sports designer shirts and jeans. His signature are the clove-scented cigarettes he's always smoking.

Adrian's PB is Hayden Christensen.


Adrian Ivashkov is a man - well, Moroi - you can trust. He's a people's person, always enjoying their company, always at the ready with an ironic comment. Beyond the cool, aloof facade, however, hides a sensible spirit and a heart of gold.

He's genuinely concerned for his friends and strives to prove himself in their eyes [i.e. he has a protective nature of younger students (notably Jill in Blood Promise), which surprises Rose, and shows a semi responsible side at times; quote from Wikia.]

He's not an adept of physical fights, his greatest weapon is the spoken word.


RP Canon

Adrian ended up at the Mansion when his plane apparently landed in a deserted field, instead of its destination. He carried his three heavy suitcases [he's a fashionista, this one, can you tell?] to the Mansion, and was greeted by various people— some of them he got along with better than with others.

  • he was helped by Niko Leandros, who managed to (temporarily?) get over his suspicions of him;
  • he had a shaky start with Pandora — who, he thought, was a Strigoi — but she ended up helping him to feed;
  • he had a brief encounter with D'Eon de Beaumont;
  • exchanged some irony and a bit of courteous banter with Oberyn Martell;
  • was at odds and ends with Clayton Danvers — who allegedly doesn't like him too much;
  • stroke a friendship with Iggy, who later on allowed him to feed on him (which caused a lot of awkward from Adrian's side, but—.)
  • was greeted by Asato Tsuzuki, with whom he learned he can easily get along;
  • had an awkward encounter with Adaon;
  • enjoyed a nice, scholarly conversation with Armand St. Just (musical);
  • discovered an unlikely friend in the sweet person of Sheherezade;
  • had an uglyyy (!!!) encounter with Johnny Rockfort (in the kitchen, with a knife — following the good old Enigma/Clue tradition);
  • started something that was to become something more with Natalie Goodman

Later on Natalie and him went on a date, and… things happened [insert bouncy typist here]. Then, after leaving the Teen Party together, things… happened again. This time Adrian grew serious and asked Natalie about the meaning of it: she said she'd stay. So they're sort of— together.

Then some time passed and Adrian met other people and did other things:

  • met Elured and Elurin and took to spar with them daily— or nearly daily;
  • met Asato (Lamento), smelled him, and proved to him he wasn't cologne;
  • met Delilah in the woods and helped her hide the matatoswin;
  • met Shilo and helped her build a snowman, they also talked books and movies and he promised her a movie night;

At the Teen Party [besides the episode with Natalie— which was fun and emotional, and, and], he:

  • chatted up (a biiit) Nina Rosario, but we don't think she gave a fig;
  • greeted his friend Iggy;
  • had a great time with his friend Sheherezade and taught her how to hip-hop [to the typist's great amusement];
  • met Robin Goodfellow and they continued to Rob's room for drinking purposes; later on he met Khardeen;
  • met Sugar— it didn't go very well;

He also greeted Kazutaka Muraki [who sniffed him for non-human], but it ended up awkwardly, and Hatter [of course, many talking of tea occurred]. He tried his best with Maedhros, but it didn't go very well. He does try his best to flirt with Melisande Shahrizai, and is also engaged in a conversation with Miles Edgeworth. Oh, and he met Tristan.

Currently [22-03-2010] he's Natalie Goodman's boyfriend [they're visiting Rome in a dream], and lists Asato Tsuzuki [whom he agreed to help should his nemesis arrive], Iggy [who's teaching him how to cook!] and Sheherezade as friends. He also has deep and meaningful talks with Pandora and Delilah, concerning the future of his magic. Later he was rejoined with Asato (Lamento), and he began teaching him how to read on a Winnie the Pooh copy, following a petting session.

As of July 2010 Adrian and Natalie Goodman moved in together (in his room at the third floor). He was among those who greeted GraveRobber; he also met 11-12 and threw a boys-only party for him, on the occasion of which he ran into his old 'pal' Johnny Rockfort. Adrian promised to try and help Lia Beaumont and her lover Maximilien Robespierre to fulfill their love within a dream.

Not long after this episode, Adrian's typist took a break from the online world and from the RP. Currently (as of January 25th 2011), Adrian Ivashkov returned at the Mansion, re-set.

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