Name: Adaon, son of Taliesin

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Fandom: The Chronicles of Prydain

Journal: livejournal

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Quick Biography

Adaon is the only son of Braith, daughter of Eigr, and Taliesin, Chief Bard of Prydain (roughly analogous to Wales in the Late Iron Age), and was raised at Caer Dathyl, the fortress of the High King. He has three younger sisters, Rhiannon, Enid, and Morvydd. He studied to be a bard; his father believed that he was ready to be examined, but Adaon chose to wait, saying that he felt there was more he must learn. He left Caer Dathyl to aid his friend Prince Gwydion in his quest for the the Black Cauldron, and was killed in battle by a Huntsman of Annuvin.

He is a gifted musician, a skilled warrior, and a capable healer; he is also preternaturally insightful and has a small measure of clairvoyance (in the form of prophetic dreams).


Fair, rather tall, with shoulder-length black hair and clear grey eyes.

He wears an iron brooch given to him by Arianllyn, his betrothed. It is marked with a bardic symbol - a pattern of three lines meeting to form a sort of arrowhead. The lines represent knowledge, truth, and love. It was fashioned by Menwy, son of Teirgwaedd, first of the bards. He enchanted it to give the wearer prophetic dreams, but it must be given freely; if it is taken by force its power will be broken.


  • INFP
  • 9w1, "The Dreamer"

Kind, gentle, level-headed, unselfconscious, placid, principled, patient, and determined. Adaon is comfortable with himself and has confidence in his judgment and abilities. He both greatly respects and is awed by the natural world. He's an optimist, and also something of a romantic; he believes that faith and love can overcome any force of evil.


RP Canon

So far Adaon has befriended Delilah, Daeron, and Merlin, moved in with the latter two, felt big-brotherly toward Ilse, been awkward with Robb Stark, 11-12, and Fingon, and managed not to be killed by Curufin.

He and Galadriel had a rocky start, but seem to be heading towards friendship (or at least friendly-acquaintanceship), he and Fingon have become sparring buddies, he was given the lowdown on Morgoth, and he blew up the kitchen while kiddified (during Ariel's arrival), with much help from an also-kiddified Celegorm. There has also been a lot of tea-drinking.

Lately he's spent a lot of time talking with Delilah, but he also seems to be forming a friendship, or at least a mutual-platonic-fascination, with Nellas. He was quite disturbed by Muraki's activities the night of the blood moon, which he discussed with Merlin, and he's volunteered to help Miles Edgeworth familiarize himself with the Mansion grounds.

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