Name: Aaron

Gender: Male

Age: 20ish

Fandom: Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop



Quick Biography

A Warlord Prince of Nharkhava. Birthright Green descended to Red. Originally from Dharo. Married to Kalush (as of "Queen of the Darkness"), father to Arianna.


Black hair, grey eyes, and a somewhat wolflike appearance, by all accounts. Handsome, almost certainly.


Overprotective like any Warlord Prince, of course, and while he's not mellow, he's mellower than Chaosti or Lucivar Yaslana. He's fiercely loyal to his wife and child, and has a dry and slightly wicked sense of humor often reminiscent of Khardeen. He, Chaosti, and Khardeen form a triangle of power akin to that among the girls of Jaenelle, Gabrielle, and Karla. He's tetchy, certainly, and as wary of strangers as anything, but he adores Kalush and Arianna and would do anything for either of them.

RP Canon

Adopted the Elutwins, and trained them to pzwn Curufin. It went well. Warlord Princes are good at vengeance.

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