Name: 11-12

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Fandom: The Prisoner

Journal: villageson

Typist: Sage

Quick Biography

The Prisoner is a surreal series and is ultimately set in a subconscious world where people come and go and deal with their problems within a place called "The Village". The character of 11-12 is different, however, and he discovers this as the series progresses. 11-12 was born in The Village, only son to the seeming leader, named Two. Everyone in The Village is named by a number, so 11-12 is his full name. He is the only character without an alternate in the "real" world, which means he technically can never leave his birthplace.

He became increasingly curious about The Village and starts questioning things when a stranger named Six arrived. At the age of about 20 he has lived a very sheltered and first-class life but he did have an affair with an older man, who he loved but ended up killing in a desperate attempt to not have the affair exposed. Later, after finding out the truth of his life he also murdered his mother - whose mind has created both him and the entire Village - then killed himself.

Just a note to say that The Prisoner is a story that can be interpreted in different ways by different viewers, since it does have such surreal elements and isn't all fully explained. So this is partly my interpretation, along with the facts presented. Also, Six is the main character and so much of the show follows his story. 11-12 is pivotal though and we see him often throughout.

11-12 has a difficult time remembering his childhood and this is because, technically he never had one. Yes, there are photographs and toys and stories that his father, known as Two, has told him but he can't really recall anything himself. He thinks this is just his memory being fuzzy but he finds out the real reason after the arrival of a new person to his hometown of The Village. This person is called Six. Everybody is named by a number in The Village - a pleasant, almost fifties style place. Quaint and where everyone's life appears nice and perfect - almost. There are people called Dreamers who have visions of another place - New York. These people are often quickly shut up or disposed of - sent to a place called The Clinic for treatment for their ‘delusions’.

There is extensive surveillance in The Village and Two can watch most anybody at any time. 11-12 is aware of some of this and is actually having a clandestine affair with one of Two's spies - whom Two has out there along with many cameras. This particular spy is named 909 and is about twice 11-12's age.

Six is ranting often about another place and confronting Two. 11-12, who is often by Two's side witnesses these confrontations and ends up questioning first his father then Six. These questions lead back to his mother - who is in a coma-like sleep. Two warns 11-12 that once he knows the truth he can never go back to the way things were. He still says he wants to know. Meanwhile, Six has discovered that 909 is having an affair with 11-12 and threatens to expose it in exchange for the surveillance to stop on a girl he likes - a doctor named 313. Instead of complying to this request - which neither 909 or 11-12 can really control as Two has all the power - 11-12 decides to kill 909 instead. 909 accepts this and though they are both tearful 11-12 stabs 909 to death.

Afterwards he is very distressed, taking to staring sadly or drinking more often. Back to wondering about his mother, 11-12 steals the three pills that Two is constantly giving to her. He has 313 secretly analyse them, discovering one is a sedative, one is a hallucinogenic and the other is unknown.

Two later asks if 11-12 wants to spend a day with his mother - last and only day. He agrees and a pill is given to wake her up. She reveals that The Village actually exists in her subconscious mind. When she is awake holes appear in the Village which is why she has to be kept in an induced sleep here. The people within all exist simultaneously in the outside world - mostly in New York - but 11-12 is an exception. He was created because herself and Two were a childless couple who dearly wanted to have a child. And so she created him from her mind to be born and live in this world - and he is told he should have everything he wants here and should be content with that. He isn't, however. She also tells him that because he was born in her mind he cannot ever leave The Village.

Getting himself drunk to steel himself for what he feels he must do, he goes back to her - now put back in her coma-like state and smothers her. In the real world of New York, she witnesses all of this but doesn't die there - only in The Village does she pass away (or does she..?). Unaware of anything from the real world, 11-12 then hangs himself, to be found later by Two, who gives him a funeral then also kills himself. But then both Two and his wife are free of The Village - and are seen happy in New York, having working out their issues there. The others who inhabit the Village remain - they are other troubled souls but a replacement for Two and his wife are needed - these end up being 313 and Six. Their presence continues the kind of therapy the Village offers (which is individual and not always entirely clear. Nobody realises they are at the Village when they are in the real world).

Because 11-12 is the only actual figment there he cannot go to New York in any form.

Until he arrives here…


And other notes:

Note on his name: Yes, it's written just like the two numbers with a hyphen and pronounced simply as "Eleven Twelve"
Birthdate: 29th August, 1989
Height: 6'0"
Build: Slim but not skinny
Hair: Straight/Mid-brown; front: long fringe; back: neck-length
Eyes: Blue-grey
Birthplace: The Village
Accent: Upper English
Clothing: generally pale/pastel colours; light green polo t-shirt, pale lemon jacket and trousers, pale grey/white sneakers.
Sexuality: Homosexual
Mannerisms: Has a gentle way of speaking and moving (but not obviously gay)


11-12 was born as a kind of wish-fulfillment figment to parents who could not have children in the real world. But he is very much human and is sensitive and has a conscience and real emotions. He is quiet and puts forward the impression of dutiful son and respectable citizen and in most cases in public he will be polite and speak little (though he can hold conversations, he simply isn't a chatterbox). In general he has a sweet, if a bit confused, manner and despite a darker side when he's driven to despair he isn't typically murderous (and so is not generally a danger to anybody - he's not a psychopath but he can be prone to recklessness).

11-12 can appear to be aloof in many circumstances. Mostly it is a kind of mask as he is actually highly sensitive and can get very emotional about things. The mask he often puts on for his father, to maintain the 'perfect family' face that has been set up on the surface. He has a curious personality, wanting always to know more even if it's not in his own best interests to know the truth of things. He questions things, which leads his father to call him rebellious. But in most cases he hides any rebelliousness from any authority figures. He will, however, go behind their backs, as evidenced by the homosexual affair he has with an older man and how he gives pills - that his father was feeding his mother in her coma-like sleep - to a doctor for analysis, wanting to know what was really wrong with her. He can tend to take things to extremes - such as murdering his lover when there is danger of his father finding out about the affair. Despite being a two-time murderer he has a strong conscious and very much regrets what he has done - crying even as he killed and miserable afterwards, sinking into severe depression, even seeing a vision of the murdered man. While he starts out as a seemingly upright young man, seen participating calmly with his father in things such as a game of golf, his questioning nature leads to his downfall and his personality becomes increasingly stressed until his discovery of his life being merely a figment of his mother's subconscious mind. This drives him to the desperate measure of smothering her with a pillow and then killing himself.

In a way, he is an extreme case of teenage angst but with perhaps more reason to be so than most.

His attitudes can be a bit prudish, being brought up in a high-class family and to be well-mannered (and old fashioned in some ways). When left alone he can turn very introspective and he often appears to be thinking or observing, more often than speaking. When he's more relaxed he can act more like a teenager - for example: enjoying dancing at a club with his lover, as long as it's someplace he doesn't believe his father will see them. He may react differently depending on who he is around - cautious, relaxed, friendly or wary. These are all traits he has shown.

RP Canon


11-12 ended up in different places once he'd 'freed' himself of The Village. He was transformed and healed in a way at a place nicknamed the Barge. There he faced what he had done. He talked to many people, which made him open up more, at least at first. He found out it was acceptable to be gay and that the urges he had toward murder and suicide were wrong and that there were other options. He'd been quick to turn to these solutions in the past but no longer. He also has been told he is now real and not longer exists in his mother's mind. He is now more stable and able to face things better. He is, however, not perfect and still prone to make mistakes and have emotional outbursts. Further details can be seen in his journal here, dated from December 2009 to April 2010.

He had been at the Mansion previously but briefly and he had been 'sent away' for some months. Returning, he will remember people he'd met before although he will think he's been away much longer than they think he has. He has travelled in between times, seen his real parents in New York - and knows that both his 'victims' are actually still alive and well there. He's even fallen in love at another place. He's been through the ups and downs of life and while it has changed him a little he is still essentially himself and looking forward to new experiences at the Mansion.

To be updated more! But is certainly friends with Angelique Hubert.

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